10 Better Ways Of Becoming A Good Husband And A Wonderful Father

how to be a good fatherBecoming a dad is easy; very easy. In some cases, it takes less than 10 minutes if you understand where that fact is based. But being a great dad is tough, and this is why you need to learn my guide on how to be a good father to your child. To be a super dad requires a lot of efforts and learning; all designed to help the child grow amidst other several exciting moments. Below guides will make you a great dad in just a moment – trust me.

How to be a good father to your kids

1. Express affection to your child

I need to be straight and harsh on this one, but maybe it is time you drop that “I love you” statement to your child. That has almost become your ringtone for quite sometimes now and if I have the chance to be around when next and before you say that to your baby, I might turn that to my device caller tune too. Fatherhood is beyond that. Babies don’t even understand that phrase – Not at all!
Action speaks louder that words. I have heard that idiom since I was 10. Basically, all you have to do to make your baby understand the “I love you” thing is by showing it. What infants do understand is a soft and loving touch from a man who really wants to join the league of great dads. Extend your affection beyond words. In few simple words, it is simply crappy. Don’t worry about the signs while trying to determine if they feel you love them. When your child sees you after a long time, probably when you return from work, and he makes no move or shows excitements, this might mean you ain’t getting it right yet. The always smiling and happy kids are those who knew they had a great dad. Other ways to demonstrate the affection beyond words includes:

A simple hug. You might want to try this before your baby leave for school in the morning. How about a limited time you have when picking them up after the school time? You probably want to form the habit of giving them a warm hug every now and then. This makes them feel appreciated by their dad.

A soft kiss on your baby’s forehead. All these amount to an interpretation for love in way a child will understand.

Making them sit on your laps. This commands the spirit of togetherness. Living with the thought of their father wanting to have them close at all available time makes your kids want to respect you.

Holding their hands while you walk with them. This sends the message that you are always with them; willing to do every possible thing to make sure they are safe. While walking with your child, you should notice how much confidence they have at that period. This should tell you how important the expression of love is, over the crappy three-letter words we hear everyday. Lest I forget, even dolls are now programmed with the word “I love you” – So I heard.

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