situations children handle better than adultsIn a world full of deceit, disappointments and betrayals of all kinds, the best category of people who stands a better chance to survive are the little children with little or no worries atall. Children do better than adults in a number of ways which I expect you to battle in the comment box below.

Strange, isn’t it? But on a second thought, you know it is true that some things are better done by kids. Sometimes, it might be situations; a tougher ones at that, which would better be handled by little children.

10 Situations Children Handle Better Than Adults

Children are never prepared but they still survive

In every situation, children are the last set of individual who make plans. They are always positive and get to figure out several ways to handle situations when the going gets tough on their journey. Children are the kind of being who will go close to a hot water despite sighting the flames from afar. They are just the type who wants to confirm the originality of things before jumping into any conclusion. Unlike their counterpart (adults) who definitely would stay clear; refusing to confirm the source of the flame. This is one strategy we adult could learn from; that there will always be a solution or an escape route for whatever situation life offers us.

Everybody is the same

Little children are bold. They see everyone else as their dad or mum or even like other little children around. Having watched President Obama on TV for quite some times, a little girl will welcome him just like her dad. This is not to knock off showing respect to someone in a higher authority, but to embrace life in such a way that you don’t see yourself being castrated, or limited to a certain level. I hope you are able to see the positive side of this point though.

They are never discouraged

Little children have a flexible heart. No matter how much time you turn them down, you still have them coming back for the same purpose. They are never tired and they will keep coming until their aim is fulfilled. Little children better understand the importance of trying again than adults who will go the extreme length to avoid rejections. The strategy here is that, their coming back might cost them more than a hundred “No” but they are certain about getting what they want no matter how long it takes. An adult won’t bother to try especially when they are not sure of a positive outcome. The very few ones who got rejected once or twice never see themselves making a retry.

Their questions are endless – but it’s worth it

I once got “F” in a course in school because I was full of myself. I have a brilliant Tosin sitting next to me in the examination hall and pride wouldn’t let me to ask for help. I failed that course at the end of the day!

This is one aspect I cherish a lot about little children. Their questions keep coming – and it’s endless. I remember days ago when little cousin came visiting with his mum. He called from the other room to know where I was, so he could join me. I shouted from the other end, “I’m sleeping”. Few hours later, he asked why grandma wouldn’t respond when he greeted.

Hey kid, grandma is asleep. She can’t answer you at this moment, I replied. I bet the thought in him at that moment would be like, “But being asleep didn’t stop Uncle from talking a while ago, why is grandma’s situation different”. The I had to give a little lecture on that and apologized for misleading him few hours ago – I lied.

Solutions to One-third of the things little children knew were gotten through the countless number of questions they ask. For parents, it might be tiring, and sometimes; annoying to provide answers to all their questions. But to kids, they see it as one area which they stand to learn and it’s working for them. We adults feel big to ask questions which are of great benefits to us. Maybe because we don’t want the other man to feel superior or thinks he knows more than we do. But in the real sense of it, he does!

They open up easily

I was in a boxing training with a friend years ago. During the process of exchanging blows, I was hit; hard enough to call for a recess but I did not. Right there, I needed help. But because I didn’t want to appear being defeated, I battled with the pain till the next day and the transformation was awful. I got a bad eye, then it appears to them I got bashed during the fight – I lost anyway.

Little children cry whenever they get hurt. They report and ask for help when necessary. The shame in them died from birth and they are not afraid to let you know how they felt each moment. The only time you will find an adult complained or ask for help would probably be when he had tried all possible ways on his own which never yield any result.

Their immediate feeling is known

When a little child feels bad about something, you find him in a corner sitting all alone. When he is happy, you see him screaming and jumping all around with his peers. They allow all they go through within to be known easily.

As a live proof, watch the nearby kid around you and see how he switches emotion within seconds.

They work out solutions for themselves when they can’t find help

Different approaches to different problems. Maybe children are the original inventors of Trail and Error as they utilize all available means to have their problems solved. Instead of giving up whenever they run out of ideas, they become creative and work out solutions.

Get your little child a bicycle as a surprise for instance. If he can’t move the bicycle on his own, he would sit on it and have his friends do some push from behind. An adult will get tired; won’t ask for help and battles with it for a long time because of pride.

They move on – Never feel depressed

Little children play the most, they love with great passion, they fight like they are never going to settle and pretend like nothing ever happened thereafter. Children are optimistic about the future being better than the past. A child shakes it off almost immediately after having a fight with his peer. The next moment, you find him with the same kid – having a great moment like nothing happened. But an adult, – shrugs

Self Image and Physical appearance doesn’t matter

Little children are not even worried about how many facebook post they make in a day, neither do they worry about applying some fake photoshop effects on their pictures before uploading them to the public. They don’t allow unnecessary checks like how they walk, talk and stand in public to block what they thrive to achieve.

Adults would rather pay a huge sum to a makeup artist to monitor how they appear before giving a speech – What a stress!

Generally, they take life simple

You even wonder why a little child laughs so loudly and uncontrollably to things that ain’t really funny? This is because they are free of stress and worries. They generate humour from things that doesn’t make sense atall, especially things that troubles you. Most times, they don’t expect you to make sense afterall, but expect to enjoy every bit of what life offers them through you.

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  1. Awesome article. Its quite a big surprise to see that little kids handle situation better than some adults. I could still remember a day I needed to make a decision and I was so confused, a little cousin gave me an idea without he himself knowing he just did. I never told him tho that he helped me out of the dilemma

    • Genius kid.. Just among the numerous things I found strange about little children. They came out with excellent results you don’t expect. Ask them how they came about it, and they would be confused too

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