4 Big Determinants Of Individual Personality Traits


Personality traitsThe entire human traits revolves around a theory I discovered in recent time. There are things that kept us going as human; things that points our lives to greater achievements and success.  I realized that recording a success story has a lot to do with how you interact with people around you on everyday basis and that includes those you share ideas with. These people had in one way or the other contributed immensely to your personal growth.

Allow me state at this junction that you are opened to losing your integrity if you lack one of these features as human. Basically, if you include all these four to your way of life and put them into practice, humility would be perceived as your overall feature even from a distance.

I call it the PSTH theory: Pease, Sorry, Thank You and How being the four determinants of the personality traits of an individual.

Determinants of Individual Personality Traits


In our everyday life, we meet different people and we learn different and new things from them. There are times when we want greater things that are in possession of another individual. These things might be required in an urgent situation where we won’t have the privilege to get, and our only rescue would be to seek the interference of the people we have around us at that crucial moment. This part of the Theory emphasizes on better ways to ask things in an unauthorized manner. For instance, you were in a bank and needed a pen to fill in a voucher. “Hey, give me your pen” sounds rude!

Funny thing is, you might get lucky at that very moment and get the pen, maybe because that individual didn’t realize the tone at which the message was conveyed in time. He gave out the pen anyway. But be assured you can’t get from the same fellow if you find yourself in the situation again.

“May I have your pen please?” sounds a lot better. Anyone would be glad to release the item with a cheerful heart. That is being polite.

Sorry (I’m Sorry)

“There is no other word more difficult than saying “sorry” whenever you are wrong”.

The above statement could only be made by those who felt they know it all. It remains a mere perception to the very few proud people out there who believes they are ever and always doing everything right. Often times, so many people believes that saying “sorry” when you are wrong makes you less of a person, or lessen your position as a higher authority to your subordinate or your home. More than an average broken home was as a result of the refusal of either partner to make the first “sorry” remark. The man especially wants full domination and feels that saying sorry might just make his spouse superior at that moment.

Thank You

While we have the free-mind set of people who gives items in their possession freely to those who might need them more or probably give them out based on request without expecting a return. We also have those who give to those who may require them but expects the receiver to at least show some gratitude. Gratitude I believe; should not be a thing you should learn but an attitude considered normal. It requires no training whatsoever, and it could be pronounced within seconds.

However, majority are waiting to be reminded of the benefits of saying thank you when you receive things you really don’t deserve at all. To a giver, appreciation motivates to do more.


Asking the question “how” is easy. The difficult part is when you have to stay calm to be able to learn how it is done. Difficult; especially when the question is forwarded to a junior officer at work for instance. What you need to realize is that you get solutions to your queries irrespective of how and where you got it from. What use is it when you ask for a way and refused to take directions leading there? The good part is obvious here. You won’t have to come back for the same query because you now have the situation under control when it comes up again.

While determining any individual’s personality traits, there is this thing which the whole content of this article revolves around – PRIDE. If you would do away with pride and allow humility take control of your being, then you wouldn’t have to worry much about this Theory anymore, right? In all said, this theory however, is to checkmate the determinants which makes the big five individual personality traits being; Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. Hope to talk more on those in another post soon.

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  1. This is realy true. Atimes, I struggle to do things I was supposed to request assistance on my own. Just becos of some irrelevant reasons. I have where to work on now, thanks


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