poor academic performanceThree out of ten students will always have troubles and challenges in school in term of meeting up above the average performance. Causes responsible for the poor academic performance among young children may either be lack of concentration in school or how quick a child’s mind is exposed to learning ,or both.

Education is an open experience. However, the society, family ground and environment can be a core factor which determines the performance of a child. On the social world, is our environment conducive enough to learn? Are the materials and other necessary items required for learning in place? Are parents even telling their children that having good grades in school is a determinant of success now and the days to come? Most importantly, are the kids ready to learn? Let us highlight some causes of a child’s poor academic performance and possible remedies to address the situation.

Causes of Poor Academic Performance

Lack of Motivation

It is believed that parents who set high standards for their children tends to do all it takes to motivate them to do well in school. This strategy should be handled in such a way to make your child feel the implications of poor academic performance. Make reference to stories of neighbouring kids known with few questionable habits within the environment. It all started with their bad performance in school. No child wants to end up like them.

Delayed School Entry

Some parents wants to wait two more years or three after their child talk for the first time. They believe their child is just not ripe enough to start school now as the brain is not matured and fully prepared for such.

During the days of our parents here in Africa, children were made to held their right arm across the head and ensure it touches the left ear or the left arm across the head. The believe back then was that you remain at home till either arms could make it across the head to the level of your ear. Culture could be a very funny thing you know. If you know what this is all about please share with us.

My son started school at age two. Even then, I was a bit curious as to why my husband and I had waited that long to enrol him in school. Definitely would be no difference if we had made him start six months earlier or so. He is 6 now and doing so great in school.

Lack of Parent-Child Intimacy

Once in a while, there should be some kind of togetherness, attachment and familiarity between parents and the child. There should be a friendly discussion to make your child understand that you will always be there in time and in needs. You can persuade him to share any difficult moments in school with you; moments that hinders his concentration etc. and give the assurance of addressing them accordingly as well as helping him bounce back.

As another good alternative, you should consider hiring a personal tutor for your child after school. Some kids concentrates more when alone and when without much distractions from friends.

Lack of Periodic Check in School

Now you know I was going to ask the last time you check the activities of your child in school, right? -12 months ago or never at all? We know you are busy-yes, but one day out of your busy schedule could help repair the “almost-broken” future of your child and that is before more damage is done. Consider a meeting with the teacher. Often time, children put on their true identity in school and that is quite different from who they used to be at home. Their teachers are in the best position to give adequate information about your child’s attitude and performance. Next line is to filter the result you get from the teacher and compare the picture he puts on at home, then you can start thinking of a way to help out.

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