5 Killer Tips To Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

building your child's self-esteem

building your child's self-esteemTo accomplish some certain developmental goals on the children, we need to make them have a sense of competence in both task and social completion. This is where building your child’s self-esteem comes in as one of the major role of a parent. Starting with the difference between a child with low self-esteem and that of the higher one. While children with low self-esteem focuses on not making mistakes in their journey of life, the other child with higher self-esteem concentrates on growth and improvement after several mistakes.

As a parent, you need to build their potentials individually to achieve some level of responsibility. Introducing a parent-child communication will help the children to achieve this goals. Even a parent whose parenting style and skill sucks still want to build a confident child. Achieving this has a lot to do with the readiness of the parents involved to put things together in such a way where the children would feel loved.

However, while building a closer and friendly relationship with your child, Here are some killer and useful techniques that will support you to help raise and develop a highly confident child.

Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

1. Develop their qualities and potentials

To figure out the things your child love doing should be a concern now. Good parenting is when you help them nurture their talents after discovering them as explained by Bruce Feiler; a family columnist in New York Times and Michele Borba; a Psychologist in this video. Let them know you are impressed with what they do; like when they come home with good grades. Children want to believe they are being appreciated and love to know their parents are proud and interested in the very little things they do.

2. Positive thinking

Make them know there are different approaches to handling different situations. Show them so they always look at the positive ways of thinking. This helps them get things done easily as they grow. The mind provides different and alternative ways to get things done if we sure believe in our ability to do them. Helping children to focus on that brighter side is a task you should live up to, so as to develop their self-esteem.

3. Be available to answer their numerous questions

First, you need to encourage your child to ask questions. This also means your readiness to always provide support in answer forms whenever they query to know about something. Here is telling them you valued their desire to know. It also encourages them to always come back when the road seem to lead no where. Each time they come back, you are sure it’s for something different because they learnt to handle the previous queries you once provided answers for once they re-suffice.

4. Let them play the lead role

To build a positive development of your child’s self-esteem, one great tip is to let him teach you things he knows while you listen. They might get to learn new things in school and would like to share it with the people they love. It could be a new story they heard, or they might just like to show you how to play the football.

5. Be careful with your promises

I heard a 6 year old Tim say to his friend: “Last week, Mum promised to buy me a new video game and she did”. I could feel the joy on his face as he made his friend jealous. Deep within, I know his thought would be like “Oh, Mum is the best. I can always count on her promises”.

Keeping promises to your child makes them want to trust you again. If you pass, they believe every other thing you say because they are sure they can always be met. A child’s self-esteem should be built on the truth in the real sense as they appear. When you meet your promises to them, they often want to trust you again; believing you value your relationship with them enough.

However, it is even better not to make a promise than to make them and not fulfill them. Apologize each time you break a promise and make your child understand the situation responsible for the delay or failure.

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