things you should never do around your childI have a million word to talk about regarding the things you should never do around your child. To start with, kids are great listeners and learners when it comes to grabbing morals, attitude and values. This being a reason why you should be mindful of the things you do around them. There are lots of things you should never do around your child no matter how a situation requires you to. You do things you are not supposed to do in their presence, thinking they are still young. The next moment, they shock us by repeating what we did not quite long ago and we feel sorry for our irreversible actions.

Below, I have compiled a list of some of the important things you should never do around your child.

Things You Should Never Do Around Your Child


When you gossip with a friend about a neighbour while your little child is around, the impression you are giving him is that it is a great idea to talk about someone else behind their back. They may even interpret it in such a way to make it feel it’s okay to talk about another man’s private live and issue with someone else. And one day, they might end up revealing


Let’s start with empty promises. When you promise your little child about getting something for him if he passes his exam in school for instance. And that stands to be a lie as you were just trying to make him pass his exam and does not really mean to fulfil that promise. He would definitely conclude the hard work does not matter after all, “Dad and Mum never got me what they promised. Why should I put on this much effort next term?” – Done with this face.

Here is another – Dad was in the bedroom while you; being the wife was with the kid in the sitting room when a friend came visiting. But because this friend is not one of your favourites, you told him your husband was not around. Right there, your little kids watch as the drama unfolds. At first, they might get confused as they are sure Dad is right there in the bedroom, and wondered why you had to lie he is not. The simple legacy passed with the two illustrations above is that it is okay to tell lies. That’s okay, but I hope you wouldn’t mind if he eventually lie to you one day. So, unless you are telling your child how Jackie Chan jumped from a 6-storey building and landed straight into his car, then other lies might not be necessary in front of your child.

Extra Concentration on Gadgets

When you spend so much time on your gadgets at home while your child keep watching day by day. If you are going to help your children grow academically, then you must not give him the impression that all solutions can be found online. Ensure he is able to get his hands dirty by thinking deep and coming up with possible solutions before trying other easy alternatives.  Yes – there is absolutely nothing wrong when you decide to get your child a phone (for instance) before they attain the adult stage, but your decision becomes questionable when the phone you got for him is embedded with lots of features not needed by an individual of that age. He soon will become addicted as time goes on, and soon find it hard to study a hard copy material from school.


It has become a usual habit for some parents to quarrel over the least issue which a simple gesture can settle. Well, argument arises once in a while between couples at home and that is pretty normal. What is not normal here is when you let such argument transform to a quarrel you can’t control till one of you hit the other. You should consider keeping your child out of this or not letting him know about any such quarrel between you two. A child believes every single quarrel between mum and dad is his fault somehow. So, when he grows to raise his own family, he remembers everything. That includes how dad once hit mum on the head.


I was listening to a live program on the radio sometimes ago when a little girl called. She was to answer a question meant to test the aptitude knowledge of a pupil and she gave the exact answers needed. When the radio presenter listen closely, he realized the little girl was mimicking the answers right from her mum’s mouth in the background – Cheat!

Other social bad habits like smoking and drinking should be done while the kids are away if you have to. In summary, parents are to live by example. You don’t do things in the presence of your child if you don’t want it to be repeated or practiced by them.

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