things you will miss when your kids grow olderIt feels really good as a mother when you realize you don’t have to wake up 3-4 times in the middle of the night to attend to your crying baby. Annoying moment you say? Well, maybe. But I guess that is normal for a kid who found it difficult to communicate exactly what he/she wanted yet. Yet, this is just one of those things you will miss when your kids grow older.

The surprising part however is how parents tend to miss the younger age of their kids despite the troubles they went through while bringing them up. Generally, no one would like to have a past trouble be reversed, but in the case of bringing back the cheerful and wonderful moments spent with the kids, you just can’t help it. So, this brings us to the conclusion, and you definitely would agree with me that those moments are not to be regarded as “troubles” afterall.

Below are few things you will miss when you kids grow older. Things you would wish you have the power to bring back to existence.

Things you will miss when your kids grow older

How they held on to your fingers and refused to let go

I visited my Uncle and his wife when they had their first child after some weeks. When I got there, I offered to touch the little child and she grabbed my fingers. The experience was the same as when someone with a stronger hand held you firmly, and the more I tried to withdrew my finger, the more tighter the grip becomes. You could imagine the feeling – like when u accept a handshake from an individual with such a soft palm.

When they give funny answers to your question

You asked your girl child how many children she would like to have when she get married in future and she tells you 20. You were like, “What! Where did you get that from?” Kids are always with an answer, no matter the angle at which your questions are coming from.

How they repeat every single word you say

Now, this part is funny. I start to filter my words before I utter them whenever I’m with my son because I’m sure he is going to repeat them even louder. Imagine if I had to make him mimic negative words –Sharp boy. I’m yet to determine why this is peculiar to most kids though. Might be a way of learning to talk, a friend had concluded.

How they want to follow you everywhere

“I never knew I wouldn’t be able to do the house chores, make my hair or go to the bathroom without taking my daughter along or get him involved in some way.” No not me. That was my Aunt lamenting how she had to make someone stay and calm her kid while she use the bathroom and do some other home chores. I used to feel for her whenever she comes up with the issue of her child being a problem until recently when the tones of her complain changed. I bet she misses her child’s younger age more now as the bathroom seem so boring.

How they won’t stop asking questions

“Mum, if you eat this food, would it go down to your stomach?” –No kid, it should remain on my throat. They ask everything and insist on getting a response, and once u provide one answer, you are finished as more would pop in.

How you have to go look for them in the next compound

Quite a number of kids refused to be held down in one spot. They want to move around and play with their peers. It’s funny how they never get to realize what their mum had to go through to find them back home.

Talking about things you will miss when your kids grow older is as interesting as bringing it to existence ONLY if we have the power. Nevertheless, the joy that comes from within our heart whenever we remember those beautiful moment we share with our lovely kids is worth the remembrance.

To the audience – on things you will miss when your kids grow older: What are those memories you wish you could bring back from all you had with your kids before they grew up?

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