Welcome To Nawesabi

Don’t bite your tongue, huh!

From the last four letters “Sabi”; simply means “to know/to understand”. Nawe may also mean “we” if we have to go by a simple meaning (word friendly). The combination of both only means “we know and understand it all”.

Nawesabi is dedicated to helping families and businesses attain that level of unfolding growth.

What we do?

Self Development: Human growth begins from the mind. We can help you think logically to come up with the best ideas that work for just you alone. With our updated tips on personal growth, live examples would be pointed to from time to time for motivational purposes.

Family: It all started from the bottom like Drake. The awesome family produces sound and wonderful children. Children with sound minds; full of intelligence. We got you covered in the areas of building that awesome family; raising the super kids and maintaining your blessed marriage you ever dream of.

Money Making Businesses: What is an awesome family without a flourishing and successful business to nourish it? How do you raise an intellectual kid to be proud of? No matter how beautiful a car looks, it needs to be fueled to fulfil its original potentials. We all need money to survive and we can give you that here!

Humor: On whatever aspect you can think of. Happiness through our most amusing post will get you cracked all up. You wouldn’t need to ask for more. We would give you more.

Our Mission

God’s intention for marriage is to ensure both husband and wife live together in harmony for a lifetime. He definitely would be glad to see couples live up to that expectation of commitment (care and love).

We could imagine the joy that parents would feel to have their children do better than their peers. “Children are a gift from God” They tend to adapt greatly when parents are determined to ensure they get the best love and care.

We believe the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. Their readiness to being the tomorrow’s anticipated leader could be determined by both their past and present lives. This is why we put those guides together for the determined youths who wish to push their entrepreneurial skills up to one more level.

Our Vision

We want to ensure that every individual and family has the right to live a good and stress-free life.

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