Annoying Things Parents SayI just got you through that headline, right? You are probably not annoying as a parent but just want to check out what I got to say. So, I can be rest assured you ain’t here to make war with me – Thank you. This is simply how I feel about other parents, (You are extremely amazing – I guess). But we should be able to tell where you belong at the end of this article.

I can bet this is not just me feeling this way. There are reasons why other people can’t stand some parents. Apparently, some people need to be reminded how others without kids feel about life and their existence. We can’t stop talking about our kids because they are adorable – yes, but we often forget what life was before we had those children. You and I are guilty of being a pain in the a*ss to others at some point in our parenting life – No, you can’t deny it. But certainly, there are quite a number of annoying things parents say to one another that I can’t just keep mute about.

Your baby is old enough for a sibling

So annoying! As in, would you rather prefer to lodge and run my family for me? Wouldn’t it be cool if you just check in and dictate the number of kids I want, when and how to have them? My husband and I have got our own plans and it’s all covered. We don’t need your contribution at this time – SORRY.

I’ll never allow my kid do that – never!

Oh, last time I checked, this is my kid and not yours. My kid does that because they are mine. Why would they do the things you love? I sure brought them up that way – the way I want them to go, so you are damn right as your kid would never be allowed to do just that. Hello, you can now mind your business!

Just wait until they are adults

This particular one cracks me up whenever other parents say it to my face. I was once a teenager, and I can tell better how it is to be one. They are annoying, stubborn and very troublesome, that I know. Don’t come running to me about their issues. I need not be prepared for this because, certainly, they are kids now and still troublesome. There won’t have to be much difference when they become teenagers, please.

Children don’t like that

Now, wait! I understand you want to help, but isn’t it wise you just take a chill and think your kids are quite different than mine? You don’t generalize how a child behaves – never! Tell me your kids don’t like that, not mine. See, parenting is something you have to experience yourself. My kids and I are different from every other single person on earth and we are supposed to act differently. So, don’t come give me that “I’m better than you are at this or that” attitude, or you simply get a soft punch in the face (Ok, that’s a joke)

Nah, I wouldn’t allow my child eat that

But you have to agree this is very annoying you know? How on earth! I may have to repeat this a thousand times that THIS IS MY CHILD – not yours. How about you wait until I forcefully pack a refuse in his mouth before you talk? That should be more convincing you know since you got a degree in busybody.

You mean, he/she is not [doing this] yet?

Oh yeah, he isn’t. How would you expect my child to be a complete genius like your child? Oh, I forgot your child is becoming the next Usain Bolt of our time, and that’s quite fascinating I must say. But then, my child is very good at some other thing (for your information) and I might be bringing him up to becoming a TRUMP. Yes, Donald can’t run, he can tweet for Africa though! Now, take this medal, your child deserves it.

You shouldn’t say not to your kids – we don’t

I will just try not to laugh in your face so I don’t sound disrespectful. Congrats Mark, your child can get whatever he wants and I don’t care. I hope you get it for him when he finally requests a Toyota Hilux from the N30k monthly salary job you do. Simply amazing – I should relate with Wikipedia to list you the best father/mother in the world.

If he was my child, I will spank the hell out of him for doing that

Hey! That’s very good though, but I hope you don’t think of doing that to my child, right? I can only wish you well in your parenting style.

Parents are different, so are children. We all have our personal [maybe unique] ways of bringing up our children and keeping them safe. It is also worthy to note that the procedure to attain these parental goals are bound to be different. Oh yes, it must be respected too!

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