Expectant Mom Complete Shopping List 2018


What are the most important baby items to buy 2018? What are the necessities for a newborn baby?

What do babies really need? What are the baby things to buy before delivery?

baby items to buy

You probably want to have a list of baby items to buy before their arrival. As your wife grow a baby inside of her for nine months, a prospective loving father took the time to figure out things that would be needed towards the baby’s arrival.

To determine a man who would transform into a loving father, full participation throughout the pregnancy process is necessary too.

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If you are not an expectant mother, and you are reading this post, you probably want to surprise a pregnant friend, by learning some basic baby gift ideas before you get them.

Other reasons might be that you want to learn from this topic or you just love to read my blog. Either way, thank you for stopping by. 🙂

However, the post is not limited to expectant young mothers alone. It also helps to suggest new baby gift ideas for friends and well wishers who might be willing to give a surprised baby gift to their friend before the baby’s arrival.

While our list for baby item suggestions may be regarded as mere estimate, which are bound to change with effect from factors like time, purchase avenue and season, we will ensure the post is updated to the most accurate and latest compilation of baby items to buy in readiness to welcoming a new baby when the need arises.

Expectant Mom Shopping List 2018

Below, are the list of items to get in place, prior to your baby’s arrival.

  • Unisex clothes: Unless the sex of your baby has being known before this day. For twins, it is expected that the baby items to buy should be in pairs.
  • Disinfectants: Should be a trusted product as the efficiency of any disinfectant is its ability and power to render all germs and infections powerless.
  • Baby powder: Dusting powder. If you are like me who likes to shop online, amazon has some wonderful baby powders for beautiful skin results. This can not be omitted while making your list of baby items.
  • Diapers: You will like to have some of this waiting at home for the countless in the first few days of welcoming your new-born baby.
  • A crib or bassinet: Even if you plan to co-sleep with your baby, you still need to provide his own bed. It might even be a blanket placed on the floor for baby nap.

Generally, here are few other things that is supposed to be made available at home before the baby arrives.


  • With differences in colour, and a mixture of both long and short sleeves.
  • A bag or box to pack all baby items
  • About 6 pairs of pants will do.
  • 4 pairs of socks and baby boots – This goes in handy with few nightgowns and other befitting outfits.
  • 4-5 infant gowns
  • Large receiving blankets
  • 3 baby hats.
  • 2 Jackets or Cardigans necessary during cold.
  • 5 underwear tops
  • 2 Towels
  • Mattress pad; waterproof preferably


  • A Diaper bag
  • Alcohol-free baby wipe
  • A bucket or pail for disposing soiled diapers
  • Diaper cream
  • Changing mats and table
  • Nappies
  • Hand sanitizer


  • Baby tubs
  • Baby soap and shampoo
  • Nail clippers
  • Scissors
  • Comb and brush


Even if you are breastfeeding, the baby items below are still necessary

  • Baby bottles
  • Milk pump
  • Accurate measuring cups

Having waited for nine months for the arrival of your baby, not getting things in place before then might make your capability seem doubtful. And as your baby grows, you will find other baby items to buy as required. Till then, kindly forward my hello message to the cute little baby whenever he/she arrives.

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