Knowing how to become a great cook has a lot of advantages in the real sense. Before now, you probably like to eat out and consider that a great fun. Most especially when you don’t have that individual who do cooking around, and the you are being faced with one alternative – To cook for yourself. Again, you don’t always buy this idea of making your own meal due to one or all of the following reasons:

  1. You are not confident enough
  2. You don’t have the time
  3. You consider cooking as someone’s mandatory duty
  4. You don’t even know what to start with.

Don’t worry, I have being there too. I know what it feels like, and I want to share you how I faced the challenge to become a great cook within a very short time.

What’s the idea?

Where are the tips?

With these steps below, you can shoot up your cooking skill within a month. Yes, just one month!

1. Admit failure, accept correction

become a great cookThere is no much cooking secrets and tips to know. When I first started out, accepting my failure was one of the toughest thing for me. I don’t ever want to be seeing not being capable in a particular aspect, and that had slowed down my cooking skill for a very long time.

First thing you need to know is that you are not an expert, and no one as ever being. It takes a zealous mind to figure out self mistakes in cooking. Thing is, whatever you prepare on your own is always great. It is always a great idea to have someone else try what you have prepared. Though, you don’t have to ask their opinion about it at first. Some nosy neighbours will definitely shoot that out before you say jack. It is better they let out your flaws naturally or praise your effort. If they don’t, then you can ask.

Gosh, this is delicious though.. But how much quantity of salt did you added?

That was one great way a neighbour once pointed out a fault on a meal I had considered excellent. I couldn’t really notice that on my own, but I admitted the meal was salty kind of. Next time, I was careful enough to reduce the quantity of salt added and it was great. I just learnt something new – You just did too.

2. Understand the basic kitchen tools and their applications

become a great cook 2Learn and understand the uses of all the necessary kitchen appliances and items. You should understand what goes for the other, best time to apply and how to apply. If you have to prepare a meal that is worth a hat-off, the necessary items for the preparation are to be made available for a better result.

  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoon
  • Blender
  • Knife
  • Can opener
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Grater
  • Mixer

All these are some of the basic items needed for a better meal. The list continues though.

3. Pay attention

become a great cook 3A friend of mine will always say, “this is happening right now. So, be in the present, not in the future”. Put your mind into what you are doing. If you get it right the first time, you can always apply the same strategy to make your second or next attempt better. Every ingredient to be added has their own application time. Special attention should be on the quantities of every specific items added. Even the slices require a certain time to be made too. All of these need your mind; your full attention because, one wrong move may result into a wasted effort and you would end up being disappointed.

4. Apply some speeds

become a great cook 4Learn to do multiple things at the same time. While the water is on, utilize this time to make the table. While waiting for the meat to be fully cooked, you can grab a blender and prepare the pepper and all. Your free time should be applied to something else that goes along with the meal.

I always like to try out new things in the kitchen. Every failed attempt becomes a lesson, and my cooking skills was self-boosted.  However, don’t forget to taste your food while you cook. This is very important to keep track of what your meal taste like.

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