Benefits of Early Marriage: Top 8 Reasons To Consider Getting Married Now!

benefits of early marriage

I was looking for the best concept online that talks about the benefits of early marriage. But no matter how much I look, I realized most writers were focusing more on “taking your time” before you consider marriage. That is fine though, and I totally agree. But when they want you to get married when you are supposed to be thinking of giving your all to the children, is where I had to step in.

benefits of early marriageGone are the days when early marriage used to be a regular norm in the society, and where every family wants their children to marry early as they know the numerous benefits it entails.

In the generation of today, we dramatically forgot the benefits of early marriage but chooses to imbibe the habit of staying a little longer before considering marriage, which seems to have overshadowed what we used to believe. Not getting married until you are beyond thirty seems to be the new norm. But I have proved to break your orientation, and lure you into accepting to get married early.


It makes a lot of sense when you have to wait till you’re well settled before getting married, but there are more reasons why early marriage is never a bad idea. Waiting till you have everything might not be a good decision to make because there is no such thing as a man who has it all in life.

You never wanted to get married not because it is not the right time, but because you like to believe when people tell you marriage is not an easy thing; it involves commitment, trust and love and definitely not something you like to jump into without taking much thought about. This is understandable if they will make it sound as simple as a guide and advice to you, not some sort of warning that scares you off anytime you think about it.

Yet, you still like to marry your beautiful girlfriend whose current hairstyle cost a fortune and has a side-bag worth as much as your monthly salary for two months. It becomes a puzzle on how to provide all these, so another man won’t take the woman you loved, right?

You should know that the single’s life is quite different as there is always going to be an adjustment in the way of living after marriage. Apparently, she has no responsibility and therefore must channel her income into something “womanly”.

What Are The Benefits of Early Marriage?

For some reasons, you also hid under the guise of not being too late or too old to get married because your friends are yet to take a lead. Your friends might be having a different reason for not wanting to get married at the moment and I don’t believe they are supposed to define your life, are they? Plus, I believe people will have a new perspective when they learn about the benefits of early marriage. This is why  I like to share you some beneficial facts about early marriage below.

1. You enjoy a long youthful relationship with your partner.

Like it or not, the best and most exciting moment to enjoy life is your youthful days; when you are still below 30. This is a period of your life when you are still young and active and when almost all the pleasant and pleasurable things are done. This is the time when you and your partner are assured of having a long successful relationship and are bound to look young for a long time. If you find the right person suitable to spend a lifetime with, then maybe it’s time you walk her down the aisle. Get married at 22 for instance, then you have a better chance to look young and active for another 20 years or almost, to enjoy a blissful and youthful relationship with your partner.

2. You look young & fresh after you must have had all the children you planned.

When you marry early, you have plenty time to enjoy life again with your partner after you might have had the number of kids you both planned. The rest of your days are spent like you just met your wife as you still look young and fresh. Also, you like to give your kids the kind of childhood where you race together on a free morning, play football in the compound, and like to be involved in their activities in school from time to time. All these require energy and strength which you still have when you are young. Trust me; marriage is sweeter when couples are still very young

3. Young and active energy to provide for the family.

To build a career, provide for the family and look after the home, in general, has not always been an easy task. Starting your family early gives you enough time to schedule your plan especially on the children. When the time to stop the running and hectic work comes; probably when you come of age and lose your strength, your children should ideally be grown enough to care for themselves. You don’t want to get old and still struggle to care for a 7-year-old kid, would you?

4. Plenty time to learn, adapt and figure the best approaches to handling life challenges.

Younger parents can face and handle more parenting and life challenges effectively. When the kids run around and bring up troubles, you can attend to them with no much stress involved compared to when you are faced with these troubles in old age.

5. Your body is more equipped with making healthy babies at a younger age.

Getting married is a part of life, and every married couple is entitled to enjoy a sexual relationship. You enjoy this for a long time if you marry early, and that includes the benefit of having strong and healthy babies too. Younger parents are more attracted to each other than the older couples who soon become fizzle out. This, being a strong point while considering the numerous benefits of early marriage.

6. Young couples better understand each other in time of disputes.

Younger parents can better understand each other in time of disputes. There are wider chances of your marriage working out successfully when you understand and tolerate each other and the level is quite high in younger parents.

7. Sharp minds to reason for a long time.

There are things you probably think you can do and achieve alone, but the actual fact is that they get easily done when you have a companion to share ideas with. Tough things become easier when you reason together. This reasoning part applies to marriages in general; both old and young, but the difference is that you are opened to enjoying all you’ve achieved in time.

8. Active energy to enjoy social lives and adventures.

Many marriages of today broke up due to the absence of social life. Young couples in their early twenties understand the basis of social lives and how important it is to introduce that to their marriage as it kills boredom. You want to travel and have fun with your partner, take some ice cream with the children during holidays and blend along with the trending activities.

Nevertheless, you might like to achieve other things before settling for marriage; like attaining more qualifications. If marriage would be a setback to achieving that, then having a girlfriend should too.

To set the record straight, the cost of caring for a girlfriend is far more expensive than maintaining a wife. If being in a relationship does not kill your ambition of achieving your numerous plans, then there is no way marriage would. If I must analyze this better for you to understand – I like to base this point on the financial aspect of your current relationship, where you have to pay for her hair to look better etc.

You have to beg her to manage the amount you have because you don’t want to offend her – right? The certainty to marry her is yet to be ascertained, so she has nothing to lose if she successfully milks you dry. If she is yet to break you till now, then getting married to her (or someone else) should not affect anything else too, e.g – your academics.

Alternatively, a wife will gladly take whatever you have without having to be told to manage. She is on a permanent seat in your house and would never make herself a burden to you in any way. If you are still alive; combining a relationship with studies or work, then you can survive in marriage too.

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Benefits of Early Marriage: Top 8 Reasons To Consider Getting Married Now!

  1. In my own way early marriage is bad because you won’t be able to cater for some things and you thinking faculty is still premature so why don’t you just give a stop or break to that

  2. Now, this Is what I am talking about. A lot of people do hide under the old fact of “I don’t have enough to maintain a marriage”. But the truth and the question is this> Is there anytime you will be fully prepared?
    Thanks for this eye opening article friend, I hope people are able to learn some points here. And I hope this would motivate some boys to get married this year too.

  3. To me the only benefit is that your kids grow up on time..At 50 they may be out of the unversity and and you can enjoy your old age..

  4. My points.
    1. If you truly marry your friend (someone you are truly connected to in all areas (mentally, Spiritually, Physically and emotionally) you stand a win win win situation in early marriage because you guys must have understood yourselves while in courtship.
    2. It helps you to have your babies while you are still in your youthful age and allows you to pursuit any business of your dreams while the children are now grown.
    3. It gives you an assurance for the old age.
    4. It gives you edge above your mates because you have no business here and there to make money for family cares now but to relax and reap the fruits of Labour from different ends at old age.
    5. Finally, it allows you to enjoy your hubby the more at all times. Travels, business and time for God.

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