benefits of eating togetherAside the regular phone drama where couples check on each other, lies the important benefits of eating together as a family. This goes beyond the idea of making a fancy meal for the family in this regard. The essence is to build a connection and strengthen the bond.

The benefits of eating together as a family are enormous. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, eating together as a family can help your children in quite a number of ways. The strength of a family can be decided or determined by the amount of communication going on, which brings us to the first importance and benefits of eating together as a family.

Benefit 1: It fosters & strengthens communication

One important benefit you get when you combine a meal with the family, is the opportunity to understand what your better half and the children are going through. It is a time where members of the family get the opportunity to connect and learn one or two things from each other. The mind is at its most relaxed mind, and the kids can share how their days has being in school with the rest. Family meal creates a connection of love and help each individual feel a sense of belonging.

Benefit 2: It reduces expenses

It is no news that the cost of meals purchased outside the home is above the cost of preparing one at home. Every business is set up with the aim of making profit. Resulting from the items and ingredients, rent payment and settlement of staffs working in the numerous food outlets all around, which commands the need to apply extra cost on the services they provide. Excluding the cost of rent and labour as analysed, would provide a perfect meal for the family to have and connect at the same time.

Benefit 3: It helps the children learn to prepare meals on their own

Children are becoming failure in the preparation of meal day by day. During the process of making the family meal, a suitable atmosphere is created for the kids to learn the basis on how to get meals ready too. While the older children can handle slicing of food ingredient and mixing, you can have the younger ones do the peeling and washing. This way, a foundation is being built and raising a grown up who can’t prepare a meal would be long forgotten.

Benefit 4: Safe, better & nutritious food

Compared to the regular meals we purchase on the road side everyday which could be full of fries and sweeteners. Meals prepared at home are considered safe and well nutritious as you are certain of all it entails.

Benefit 5: Social Improvement on the part of the children

Children who have a more meal time with family are likely to have less depression and worries, compared to other children who doesn’t have the chance to sit and eat often with dad and mom. Even when they are depressed or down, family meal can serve as a motivation to walk them out of whatever they’ve got disturbing their mind. Their social engagement is highly improved, and they are more active than their peers.

Benefit 6: Family meal keeps the children away from abuses

Regardless of the age, gender or ethnicity, parents can be more engaged in their children activitiesbeginning from the dinning table, which to a large extent keep the children away from drugs and other illegal abuses. Any of such activities can be noticed at the earliest stage when family members sit and have meal together.

Benefit 7: More like a fun game

If you are the type who likes to whine and dine outside the home, thinking you have had the whole fun in the world. Taking one step backward to create time for family meal would make you realize what you have being missing all along. The real fun in dinning is the one you have with the members of your family; the ones you love, instead of talking blabs with friends at the bar.

The essence and importance as connected to the benefits of eating together as a family is there to behold and feel, irrespective of the quality of food and the atmosphere which they are being made. What matters is what you thrive to gain from introducing this to your family routine to at least; five times a week. Family meal doesn’t have to be fancy. It only requires you to embrace what it has to offer.

Over to you now. How often do you have a meal together with the rest of your family? What are the benefits you have gained so far from family meal time?

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