10 Obvious Signs Your Bestie Is Cheating With Your Boyfriend

boyfriend cheating with best friendMen can be mean. Though, we can not justify one wrong move and believe all men are equal – No. But how do we explain a boyfriend cheating with best friend of his girl.

If you have watched the movie “Legal Wife”, you will feel devastated as Monica when she finds out her husband was cheating with her best friend; Nicole. Andre should have been caught with someone else.

When your boo is involved in a “close friendship” with your bestie, and you realise its getting beyond your relationship with him, don’t just feel confused – you should start to worry about it! If you notice he derives more fun with her than you, you have to feel concerned and start digging.

Here are 10 signs that shows your boyfriend and best friend “might” be having an affair.

1. They have too many personal jokes

Sometimes, these are jokes that ain’t so funny. Imagine a situation where your boo and your best friend constantly give each other a deep look; maybe a long gaze or probably a side eyes.

2. She is closer to his mom and other relatives than you are

Ultimately, you have no power to decide who his mom chooses to like. If your bestie is more closer to your boo’s relative than you are, then you may be rocking in a hot shoe unknowingly. Even if they are childhood pals, his relatives should be able to differentiate between the role you are entitled to play in his life from the roles “close friends” are meant to play.

3. They repeatedly do things in common

If you have watched the movie earlier mentioned, Nichole and Andre are always fond of wearing the same facial look. Sometimes, you get “almost” similar responses when you call your man and girlfriend to enquire whargument are.

4. She always take his side during argument

Don’t be fooled. This happens virtually all the time when your friend suddenly takes side with your man. While this may appear like your friend appreciates your relationship with your boyfriend, it is also very crucial to imagine the possibility of a woman trying to defend her man. Ultimately, any good friend would stand firm behind you when an argument turned sour, even when it appears you are totally wrong. If your friend agrees with you to fight against someone only means you both understands each other for being true friends. Same way your best friend and man might be having something hidden together when they join forces against you during an argument. Do you understand?

5. Your man constantly compares the two of you

The boundary should be made clear. When your man begins to compare you to another woman, he needs to be challenged to be bold enough to declare who he wants to get down with for real.

6. She is a stalker on his social media pages

Apart from being neutral; say, she’s just a Facebook fan, there is no point or reason why your girlfriend should spend the whole of her day going about memorizing all the activities that happens on your man’s page. Something needs to be explained when she continuously like, comment, reshare your man’s updates and other activities to the whole world.

7. She sells herself so cheaply in his presence

How does it sounds when she continuously give herself cheap glories when your man is nearby? I can tell this can only mean they both have been hanging out secretly or she’s beginning throw some “I’m available” signals to your man. “I can cook any kind of spices, I have moderate boobs and packaged behind but still don’t know why I don’t have a good man to love me, why?” You would wonder, what is the need announcing your availability to prospects that ain’t present? Oh, I forgot. One present though – your man. Now you get it.

8. She wants your man to attend to all “boyfriend” responsibilities

Have you ever had a friend who believes that ones you get a man, she’s got one too (same man). She believes your newly found love can attend to her needs too. Be careful of a girlfriend who thinks she could have your boyfriend do things for her. She could as well decides to give him other boyfriend privileges someday too.

9. Your man hears from her first

You know how people react and feel when they got caught in situations where they ain’t supposed to be? When it gets to a stage where your man begins to know things about you from her first, before you tell him, that’s a problem. Your man gets to know about your good grade in school from your best friend before you tell him yourself – that’s also a problem.

10. She just can’t hide it

It doesn’t matter how long your boyfriend and your girlfriend have known each other, or how close they might be. The point is that boundaries must be set and respected. You don’t fold your arms and watch your best friend walking seductively in towel around your boyfriend – No way! No sitting on laps and no twisting or twerking around his John Thomas – Just no way!!!

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