A Simple Fast Guide That Defines Healthy Family Relationships

healthy family relationships

Could you think of something very annoying right now? wished you could get your hands and spank the hell out of whatever is responsible, but realize you just couldn’t no matter how much you crave?

healthy family relationshipsBut enough of the garbage in and out as we all know women can be so annoying, and we seem to be able to do absolutely nothing about it. To me, this is what makes them so lovable. An amazing woman who would wipe her children’s tears away; a wonderful being who selflessly serves day after day with little or no appreciation; a Queen who juggle working, sleepless nights and endless guilt. A creature that loves her husband fiercely and continually looks after everyone’s needs except their own. They are the women who quietly run the world.

I need not be told how it feels to give all within your reach (even when you feel you never gave enough) and still, could not get the much-needed appreciation. You are just not alone!

To the husbands, your woman needs you. They sure understand this path of life cannot be walked alone without you. When your wife goes astray, your manly role is to help catch and help her stand tall under the circumstances. A woman needs you to wipe their tears away – to hold them firmly that it’s almost difficult to get a breath – to comfort them when life gets too hard to handle.

Building Healthy Family Relationships – What Does it Takes?

The right words might seem difficult to come by, from a man who truly loves her woman, but below are my thoughts as regards how every husband can assist their wife reset back to normal when they get overwhelmed.

1. Don’t try to shut her up when she’s talking.

Some women who are great talkative, ends up with a man who hardly talks, while men who have got degrees in ‘talkiology’ like Ayo Makun, are being blessed daily with a gentle soul like that of  Mabel. Regardless the situation you fit into; never shut her up even when the discussion is not as interesting as Manchester United’s 8 goals over Arsenal’s 2 a long time ago. Allow her to talk for as long as she wants. Show empathy. Listen, ask questions and get along in the conversation, so she doesn’t feel bored.

2. Be a friend.

Marriage is commitment. This commitment includes but not limited to carrying one another’s burdens. To cry with one another and support each other through difficult times. Marriage means being one another’s confidant, lover and friend. You aren’t just two people living together. You are a beautiful union of two people who covenant to love each, not for a giving period of time, but forever.

3. Be aware of her role.

It does not matter what her responsibilities in the house are; whether she stays at home or go to work, there is need to update yourself on the things she does. Even if you aren’t going to assist her, just be sure you are aware of her to-do list. She probably has been overworking her energy all the while, and it is just comforting to know that someone knows about all these, and at the same time appreciates.

4. Offer a helping hand before she gets tired.

One great feature of a gentleman and husband is his availability as well as his readiness to help out with the home activities. The best time to help your better half is now – not tomorrow, or the day after. Get involved in most activities that take a lot of her time before she burns out and requests.

5. Be active

An old African adage has it, that both hands must be rubbed together if anyone really wants to achieve clean hands through washing. Just like it takes two to tangle, and two to achieve the best parenting. It requires more than one person to make a marriage work, likewise running a successful household. Work hard – be fully active in every aspect of your family life.

6. Don’t try to fix her problems.

Women are naturally unpredictable, so it may be kind of difficult to achieve a better result during the cause of trying to assist her to fix her issues. This is because, a lot of times, things you considered an issue may turn out to be the ‘not so important’ to them. For every marriage to work, a man must do a lot of listening before acting. If your wife wants you to offer a solution to her problems, she would definitely ask.

7. Hold her close.

Remember the way you used to hold her so close when you guys were still playing the secret dating game? This is the time she needs to hugs the most. Get the kids busy with toys and all, and get your woman in the best part she loves to be grabbed. Remind her how much you love her and how much you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of her happiness.

8. Be full of hope and encouragement.

Let your wife knows what you love about her. Help her see the good in any situation. Encourage and appreciate her every day and avoid being critical or negative. When she’s hit rock bottom, be the man who lifts her up, and brings light and hopes back into her life.

9. Get useful.

Don’t wait to be asked. Just do it! Form the habit of looking around the house and finding things that need to be done. Are there dishes in the sink? Does the dog need to be walked? What is broken that needs to be fixed?

10. Dedicate a day for her.

What else feels better than getting a manicure, pedicure, haircut, massage, and a new outfit, in a single day? Allow her sleep in, take a hot bath, and spend some quiet time alone. Support her – take over her day-to-day tasks, so she can have time to take care of herself and to better look good for you alone.

11. Pray for/with her.

Kneel down next to your bed together, hand in hand, and pray right before you go to bed at night. Tell God how much you love your wife. Let him know what you appreciate about her. Ask for his help. Ask him to tell you how you can be a better spouse to her. Ask him to comfort her and help her see herself as He sees her.

12. Ask her what you can do to help.

Sometimes, your wife might consider it improper to ask for help on the things she usually does. Give her a voice by asking if there are other things you can help her with. She will appreciate it more than you will ever know. She loves you too, and she is grateful every day for what you do for her. Asking will further boost her confidence to request help before she becomes worn out.

These are little but important things every man can do to build healthy family relationships and better help his wife reset before she worn out through rigorous, tough and difficult activities in the home.

Now over to you… What have I missed? What would you add? Tell me in the comment section below.

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