bus conductors 2Lagos; one of the busiest city in Nigeria and better known by some certain activities which hardly happen somewhere else. A city that renders your knowledge daunted; when you had believed you know so much.

Get on a fun trip and catch the most exciting moments inside a public bus preferably, with the bus conductor adding more value to your journey experience like an updated Curriculum Vitae.

Check out different types of bus conductors you will see in and around Lagos, Nigeria.

1. The No-change Bus Conductors

You would think this is some kind of chorus as it is common to most bus conductors in Lagos. On a good day, you may be lucky to get one who is kind enough to tell you “no change” before you enter. Most of them will though.

The second category of the “no change” bus conductors are those who will always delay your balance, even when they have lower denominations. No matter how much time you request your balance, they reply with the popular chorus – “no change yet”.

2. The Grammarian

These ones has top ranking in pure misuse of the English language and will never keep quiet. When they notice you are a gentleman, they believe you don’t understand their popular dialect. They force and upgrade their standard into your level, but end up speaking “funny nonsense”. You would wonder how and where they came up with such when you begin to hear crazy grammars.

3. The Funny Bones

Ever being in a bus where you would wish the journey never ends? The type of bus conductors here would make every moment of your journey fun-filled. From popular jokes to the latest trends in the society, and you would wonder why he is not on the TV yet; making a living with such talent like the Basket mouths and co.

4. The Frustrated

They will bring up a fight to every little thing you say or do in the bus. Especially when you scream “o wa oo” repeatedly from the back. He would look at you and say, “Eti mi o di nao” (I’m not deaf). You don’t even want to interfere when he is dragging issues with other passengers, unless you want your own share of insult.

5. The shoe grabbers

These set of tout falls within the troublesome league. They always pray you violate any of their rules. One thing peculiar about these category of bus conductors is how fast they remove your shoe when you violate any of their simple instruction like, “don’t enter if you don’t have change”. Funny enough, they take one shoe and leave you with the other.

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