Pain in The Leg During Pregnancy: The Causes and Remedies

It can be said that even the young and experienced men and they know that women can have leg pain in pregnancy. A woman can indeed begin to hurt the … [Read more...]

Abortion Facts: 8 Reasons I Want To Abort This Pregnancy

Over the years, the world have being provided with numerous methods to terminating pregnancies like through abortion pills, attending an abortion … [Read more...]

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Rocking Star Wars Birthday Party Theme For Little One

Star Wars films have changed the way we do host parties. They are now a major inspiration behind a growing number of birthday parties for kids held … [Read more...]

The Challenges And Rewards of Becoming A Foster Carer

In 2015, there were over 69,000 children in foster care throughout the UK, and this number is expected to increase over the next few years. Foster … [Read more...]

Foods to Strengthen Your Child’s Teeth

We know right foods are important to keep the teeth and enamel strong and healthy in child. In a way, nutrition has a big role to play in keeping … [Read more...]

Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear Of Dentists

It’s not uncommon to see people having fear of dentists. Kids are no different and they too have their own set of reservations and whims. They simply … [Read more...]

Sexual Abuse: Protecting Your Child From Being A Victim

Gone are the days when parents feel at ease when their kids are in the next compound; playing with other kids about their age. If there is one thing … [Read more...]

Assessment of Education In Nigeria: What Every Parent Needs To Know And Do

Child's developmental stage is naturally significant in the course of human life, as such is the basis on which is founded the human life's structure. … [Read more...]

Speech And Language Therapy Activities For Toddlers

Although, all kids are not the same. They are not expected to talk the same time other children do, but there are various effective speech and … [Read more...]

Raised By Nigerian Parents? Here Are Situations You Can Relate With

Growing up in Nigeria is fun. Raised by Nigerian parents is even superb, as you are not even sure what happens the next moment after being pat at the … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep All Night

For children below the age of 5 in most cases, have sleeping problem. How to get your baby to sleep all night without you having to check on him … [Read more...]

How To Raise A Compassionate Child – The Complete Guide

In raising a compassionate child, you have a mental  picture of how you would have preferred her being a loving, kind and sympathetic grown up. … [Read more...]

How To Make Easter A Fun-Loving Experience For Your Kids

Having the thought of celebrating Easter with your kids is fun even before you actualized it. Just a couple of days to Easter, parents are putting … [Read more...]

10 Better Ways Of Becoming A Good Husband And A Wonderful Father

Becoming a dad is easy; very easy. In some cases, it takes less than 10 minutes if you understand where that fact is based. But being a great dad is … [Read more...]

Things You Miss Doing As A Child

Growing up and getting married to a great partner of your choice is a wonderful experience. Having and raising your own children seem to be more than … [Read more...]

How To Assist A Pregnant Wife In 7 Manly Ways

The only time to prove being a better husband to your wife is during pregnancy, which all women wish the father of their unborn child would stand with … [Read more...]

Expectant Mom Complete Shopping List 2018

What are the most important baby items to buy 2018? What are the necessities for a newborn baby? What do babies really need? What are the baby things … [Read more...]

7 Strange But Normal Pregnancy Facts

Two out of ten times, you found yourself in a situation where u got home after working your strength out at work. The TV programs are annoying and you … [Read more...]

The Unpredictable Consequences of Child Marriage

Child marriage is now widely recognized as a violation of the basic children’s right. The legal adult age known to humanity and in many countries is … [Read more...]

10 Situations Children Handle Better Than Adults

In a world full of deceit, disappointments and betrayals of all kinds, the best category of people who stands a better chance to survive are the … [Read more...]