The Characteristics of a bad friend is hard to spot, yet enormous. You need a very good and trustworthy friend; so do I.

bad friend characteristics

The kind of friends who will stay by you through all thick and thin like that of Toyor to Jenifa, right?

Bad friend characteristics is something that’s needed to watch out for because sometimes, the qualities that makes a friend seem great may also cost that treasured friendship go sour within a twinkle of an eye.

Your friends are your confidants; they can make you, but even easier to break you if they so desire. Friends are your strength. Searching your weakness is the last thing that would ever give them a tough time.

However, as good as a “good friend” might sounds, there are ways they can easily get you both into trouble. Below, I have stated 6 bad habits of awesome friends which you may not even realise.

1. They always got your back.

It is always difficult for a good friend to find a fault in you. Ever ask why is that? They always agree to every decision you make and gives you a thumbs up every now and then. Even when they knew you were wrong, your best friend would still back you up. The support you get is enviable. This can also lead to your failures. How would someone who is always on your side find fault, correct and help you grow? How would they filter your errors and help you realize where you need to adjust?

2. Useful third party opinion never counts.

I understand how hurt it feels when you have to forcefully accommodate people’s negative judgements on you. This is something no one enjoys. But sometimes, other people’s perspective can portray a whole lot of constructive benefits. You are less likely to learn from the outside because that good friend will always shield you off what others think.

3. They manipulate the truth to protect your feelings.

Sometimes, a good friend felt the need not to be completely honest with you in certain situations. They hold back most hurtful (but important) informations so as not to leave you in tears. Ultimately, the outcome is bad, even when the intentions are good. After all, no good decision can be made from a bad information.

4. They don’t tell when you hurt them.

You end up being confused, wondering how a seemingly small offence rake them up. It’s simple. Good friends can keep their feelings when you hurt them. Sometimes, they pay less attention to the terrible things you did to them because they don’t want you to feel rejected.

5. A good friend will keep all your secrets.

Including the bad ones. Good friends will help hide the bad things in your past or the terrible things you are presently going through. Even when all facts shows you may get help when shared, a good friend will protect your secrets because you are afraid to tell them. Their loyalty lies with you when they really shouldn’t – always.

6. They forgive too easily.

Your best friends can be quick to forget your wrongs every time you hurt then. But this doesn’t translate to being a good friend. Oh yes, forgiving is a virtue. But, forgiving too easily doesn’t give room to feel remorse for the bad things you did to your friend. It doesn’t teach you not to repeat it either.

A very bad friend characteristics could be in hidden for long. Good friends are rare and very hard to find. If you are lucky to have one, hold on tight. Most importantly, choose loyal friends who would support you, be there for you, and never fail to open your eyes when you go slightly blind from the truth.

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