How do you feel when you see a baby smile, when you view cute baby photos, watch them laugh, smile and when they  run towards you; in an all-filled exciting mind to give you a hug?

Babies are beautiful, and their facial expressions can last in one’s memory for a lifetime. Having a baby in any household makes life worth living as they bring more excitement into the family.

Check out these 10 most exciting super cute baby photos you can behold everyday; especially in a moment when you feel depressed or rejected. These cute baby photos lightened my day up,  and I hope you enjoy watching their smiles too.

cute baby photos

All styled up in a native Yoruba attire, the look on his cute face speaks peace and relaxed mind. How about we end up in a party after the days’ work and have a fantastic time with great melodical vibes from my talking drum, he said.

cute baby photos 2

How in the world can I ever miss such a great party. All dressed up to match along the drummer who may end up admiring me.. Afterall, we represent the same tribe.?

You may have wondered before now (just like me, and anyone else) what the party is all about. It’s my birthday. Mummy and Daddy wants to throw a low-key party but my friends won’t let that be. They want to be loud, and so they have it.

cute baby photos 3

…and I’ll storm the party and dance like this while the music plays.

cute baby photos 4

We are amazed with the sparkling beautiful designs and decorations everywhere too.

cute baby photos 5

Hey you, in white gown above. I can dance too. Can you beat my steps? I can rock like this till the day after tomorrow; can you?

Cute baby photos 6

Igbo Kwenu! No time to dull and miss this wonderful moment. Representing my big brothers from the East. We are still here!

cute baby photos 7

I’ll just sit here and watch before showing y’all my dancing skills. I laugh from this distance because none of you can beat my moves. Just shift, let me laugh more.

cute baby photos 8

Mummy said I look like our “Ijeshains” people from the great Osun State in Nigeria. The party is getting hotter and I’m catching my fun.

cute baby photos 9

So, at the end of everything, we have to give thanks to Jesus for the successfully celebration of my crush as she becomes a year older. God, let us all grow and make mummy and daddy smile the same way they do to us.

cute baby photos 10

Daddy is here. You all left without informing me about the party. I’ll be standing here waiting for you.

Oh yeah, mission accomplished as we have being able to put smiles on the faces of people reading and scanning through these lovely cute baby photos of all time. We hope you love them.

Image Credit: M12 photography

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