18 Quick Reasons Why You Should Date An Older Man In 2018

dating older men

You have probably had enough from boys whose primary intention is to show off to your friends and family that you’ve finally gotten the best man to make you happy, but there are many advantages of dating older men compared to these boys.

dating older men

The only thing they have to offer is a clean jean and white t.shirt to meet your parents, talk as gentle as they can. Only God knows who they actually want to impress – That’s definitely not me!

You will finally come to agree with me that a whole lot of advantages revolve around dating older men than boys who’s got a skimpy-zaggy-dirty jean on. Most of these boys, according to every day’s study, show they have nothing tangible to offer in the long run than a rod.

Yes – a rod!

Sister, it is time. It is about time you quit getting a cute, young, presentable boy to show off and start considering dating an older man, because;

1. They have more money

If your ringtone does not look anything like, “money is not everything in life”, then you may want to consider dating an older man, because they tend to have more of it. They have probably worked and attained success to an extent, compared to boys who just came out with a 6.0 from college, bragging.

2. Your security is guaranteed

An older man understands life far beyond starting a trouble with whoever is caught checking his lover out. He will simply smile with a happy mind; give himself a high-five within, for establishing a structural lady who’s worth peeping on.

Dating older men will make you feel more relaxed, as they don’t try to impress, unlike their younger counterparts who just want to show off muscles and speak big grammars.

3. They make you feel like a woman

Boys in the 90s have seen everything wrong in opening a restaurant door or car for their woman to step in and out comfortably. The new generation ideology has brainwashed them to think they are being used.

Little do they know that these small amounts of feminine gesture are very appreciative and commands more respect.

4. They don’t wear crazy hairstyles

Because presentation speaks in large volumes, older men may never be caught in an awkward appearance, unlike some old folks I used to know way back.

5. Dating older men grants you more privacy

No such things as having male folks or “best friends” hanging around for days. You get more time to enjoy your man without having to think someone is watching or listening to the horrible sounds generated by your unprofessional kisses.

Sorry for the ‘yabbing’ – it is unintentional.

6. Hanging out is more fun with Older men

Unlike their younger counterparts who would rather have you meet up at the pool, so as to create an avenue to press your bbooobbs. They don’t mind drawing your lips with theirs in the presence of their friends with the stupid aim of getting kudos thereafter.

Older men would consider a calm environment to make you feel relaxed, good and loved. They spend less time with friends and value your being around them. They treat you with respect in presence of their friends.

7. Older men know a lot about what makes a relationship work

They have probably had series of relationships in the past to learn from, so it becomes much easier to get along with you. These oldies can find a way out of any relationship obstacles, and that is a win on your part.

8. They won’t joke with you

Without being told, older men don’t toy with their younger lovers. They tend to make sure they put a smile on your face no matter how hard it gets.

Only older men understand the worth of a damsel who is beautiful and young. They also understand they are not in your league, so they do want to do all it requires to make you stay.

9. They can take you to cloud 9 and return you happily

Yes. Older men know where to touch and caress while playing the usual game. We both know it gets easier to perfect the game if you’ve being on the field for quite a while. It is to your own advantage.

10. They have solutions to all your problems

Just when you think you’ve got the worst problem, it is more of a relief to know there is an older man who is always there to correct and put you through what it takes to attain success.

They strategically remind you of being young and open to exploring new ideas you might have come up with.

11. They are quick to understand

Another known fact is that women age faster than men of the same league. This is why women need to choose wisely on an age-wise basis. There are things that are better understood and settled quickly by men of age than small boys.

12. They have a full apartment

You wouldn’t want to compare an apartment of a college graduate with that of a man probably have worked in quite a number of places in his lifetime.

These men have been able to pull resources, gather riches to leave a comfortable life which is stationed to benefit their own family.

13. They are more patient handling issues

It takes a very strong and patient man to wait in the living room for hours while their woman is busy painting nails and faces after a bath.

Only a patient man can play along while his woman speaks who doesn’t interest the ears, let alone touch the heart. If you think it’s easy to pretend, go back to your 20s.

14. They know exactly what they want

The difference between older men and their younger version is that they know what they want and how to stick to it. Little boys will go for another woman with the similar quality they found in you and bounce.

15. They maintain a high level of maturity

Older men will address issues and solve them amicably, compared to younger boys who will keep malice on same. Maturity plays out in quite a number of ways when in a relationship with each of the categories.

16. Their personality commands respect

He doesn’t have to appear in an all-suit fitting before looking phenomenal like Promise Excel. He is able to get people to respect him based on his personality and charisma. This is one quality even money cannot buy. You can ask Promise!

17. They can relate better with your parents

A man in his early 30s can better be appreciated by your parents because they understand he’d take charge of the guidance and counselling from where they stopped.

Old men can better address knowledgeably to matters which younger men might never understand.

18. They will take you around the world

Let’s start with what boys can do in this context. The ones in my street can give you a nice trip to low-quality express road-side restaurant in Ilorin or Sango Otta, while the bigger men won’t hesitate to give you a nice treat on any date.

Older men can even decide to take you to America and make your friends proud.

So, I was thinking. Are there any other important points or advantages of dating older men that I have forgotten to mention here? Would you be so kind enough to remind me of any other in the comment section below?

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