The Differences Between Marriage And Wedding

differences between marriage and wedding 2Marriage and wedding are two confusing but distinctive terms which are commonly misused when required to fit into any major sentence. A lot has being said regarding all that’s needed to know: the similarities (if any) and the differences between the two tough terms.

Wedding and marriage differences

Marriage and wedding are two different terms; starting from the spellings and pronunciation as you probably have known before now. Find below the differences between marriage and wedding.

1. By default, marriage is created by God. It comprises of all guides laid specifically for man to follow which relates to his independence from the immediate families to starting his own. Wedding ofcos, is a ceremony invented by men for reasons which “could” include favours, bragging and all other personal gains known to the party involved alone.

2. Marriage is necessary; or maybe compulsory. It is an act you find mandatory as something that’s needed to be done when the time comes. Most of the time, you don’t wait to be told as you are aware of all basic rules to follow so as to be termed “married”.

Wedding is an unnecessary ceremony which appears to be one where a lot of people seek pleasure from. For the sake of understanding where I’m coming from, you don’t need to gather friends and family members together for a loud ceremony before you start making your own children. That’s to say how unnecessary a wedding could be.

3. Marriage is a lifetime union as stated from the beginning of creation. Marriage is an act; bonding two people together to make them one. Hard to explain though, but you certainly should understand when you open your mind to read beyond the phrase. Wedding on the other hand is a ceremony which lasted a maximum of one day (commonly).

4. Beyond every reasonable doubt, the expectation of couples in marriage is a blessing from God. This blessing (in most cases if not all) is the blessing of children. Couples look up to God to bless their “marriage” with children. This is to say that there is always something to be benefited from God after marriage.

I was trying to compile all benefits that comes after wedding but could not list much. However, I have “wedding gifts” on my list which doesn’t last forever (unfortunately). Then, I remembered debt. But the last time I checked, God does not blessed his children with debt.

5. Because it is called marriage, planning continues. It ranges from being the best wife/husband in your marriage and becoming the best dad/mom to the children. You make provisions for things that would sustain your home for years to come.

Meanwhile, all wedding plans elapse after the ceremony which is usually going to take place in one or two venue, and on the same day.


There is only one similarity I have ever known about wedding and marriage, and that’s basically the usage. The misconception of the two words; intercepting each other within sentences, both orally and in written form.

Mission accomplished!


But wait a minute. Does this has anything to do with wedding being a bad thing?

Oh no. Not at all.
The article is intended to state the differences between the two confusing terms. I feel it is important to get the differences clearer to help you better understand their usage. Shall we summarize the long content in 12 words?

Marriage is a long term union while wedding is a one-day celebration. Thank you.

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