The Essentials of Early Childhood Growth and Development

Shortly after birth, a newborn usually loses 5 – 10% or thereabouts of their original weight, which can be miraculously regained back in about 2 weeks after, confirming early childhood development.

early childhood development

Below are the genesis of a normal growth and development of a child, and it can be generally categorised into four phases;

  1. Infancy
  2. Preschooler
  3. Middle childhood years
  4. And Adolescence

Fast forward to the 4th – 6th months, a newborn’s overall weight should be about double of their birth weight. Starting and ranging between the ages of 1 and 2, a toddler’s weight stays around 5 pounds; which is approximately 2.2kgs (to remain even until 5 years).

A child’s growth begins to maintain a steady pace between ages 2 – 10, reaching their final growth spurt starting from the ages of 9, to a maximum of 15 which is mostly regarded as their puberty period.

At these stages, every child’s nutrient needs to go along with changes in the growth rate as recorded. For example; an infant needs to consume more calories in relation to the size consumed by a preschooler. As a child attain the level of adolescence, their nutrient needs to be increased to get a balance.

However, it is important to state that nutrient intakes may differ for each child. In this regards, every parent is to make provisions as per diets with a wide variety of foods which is suited for a child’s age.

To help curb unforeseen diseases like obesity, healthy eating habits should be observed in due time; starting at infancy.

Early Childhood Development: Healthy Eating Habit For Growth

The intellectual development and intelligence of a child can be affected by poor nutrition. A child with poor diet would always feel tired and unable to concentrate in school. In addition, a child with poor nutrition is more likely to get sick. Children often fall sick and tired if they lack proper nutrition.

Parents are enjoined to check with their healthcare providers on issues relating to their child’s growth and development. The healthcare specialists are in the best position to communicate the proper status of your child, and that is why they are never to be ignored.


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