effects of divorce on childrenThe regular marriage vows as always being “till death do us part”. This explains that everyone in marriage has a single focus of making their marriages a long time union. This is also one reason why the effects of divorce on children development and other aspect of the family should be known before hand. By default, marriage is supposed to be a lifetime bond. If along the line divorce occurs, that becomes a painful experience. Divorce has rendered a lot of children homeless and few of them have become self-destructive in one way over the years.

The children’s need is no longer much of a concern to the father, especially when the children decided to stay with their mother and vice versa. These young fathers feel they are no longer centrally important to their children and don’t maintain a relationship with them like a woman would. Women generally, react to divorce in a large way; especially when the issue of their ex comes up. While some may choose to remain unmarried after a divorce, they still see life as being unfair and disappointing.

Unless where a marriage is full of conflicts and chaos, most children do not want their parents to separate. They found it practically impossible to interact and engage in the society due to less or no proper guide during their younger age if their parents had a divorce. Though, the effect of divorce varies from one individual to another. The children’s reaction to divorce may quite be different from the way the couples would be affected.

Below are the effects of divorce on children

1. On average, children of divorced parents have more behavioural problem than the ones raised jointly by two parents. I am yet to ascertain though if divorce could be held responsible for this behaviour or some else. Couples may have questionable characters which increases the chances of imitation by the children. At the event where something else is responsible, then it is very likely that those children would still have such attitudes even if the parents remain married.

2. Initially, the children would have to battle between two families who were once united. They have to listen to either the father or the mother or both amidst where the terms of both might not correspond most time. Though, there is a great chance of the mother gaining the attention of the children more, as majority of the children have a poor relationship with their father after a divorce.

3. Children who were raised by both parents tend to do well in a wide range compared to their other counterpart raised under single parenting. The chances of dropping out of schools, early pregnancies and drug usage for instance are slim when guides are coming from both sides of the parents.

4. Children from a divorced parent have a hard time controlling their temper. Naturally, most appeared frustrated and troubled almost all the time. They are particularly likely to develop problems with anger as well as rule violations which expose them to dangers in the society.

5. There is also higher tendency to crime especially to a male child. Due to lack of proper parental supervision, they absolutely care less about filtering the friends they associate with from time to time as both parents now live their lives separately.

6. The female children see older men as the parents they wished they had and soon become attracted to them. Most got married in an unusual way before attaining a reasonable age befitted for marriage and soon get divorced after a short while. The factor responsible for this is simple. None of the parent had the time to give a clear picture of what a happy home looks like. The effects of divorce on children is enough to scare couples who might have such plans off.

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  1. you are right but do you know that children from polygamous family are also affect the same way? marriage is not for children or some thing you rough into or a contract. it is rather a life time thing. do not go into it when you are not spiritually , emotionally, & physically matured & do not
    marry some one elses husband. help our children to grow with good morals for we parent are the first teacher to our children.

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