Over the years, the world have being provided with numerous methods to terminating pregnancies like through abortion pills, attending an abortion clinic among others. There are many things to know about abortion. Women; most especially younger ones no longer want to consider the side effects of abortion as their priority is to get the baby out untimely in every possible way they could. Below is a countdown of 8 possible reasons for terminating a pregnancy as well as some basic abortion facts that is needed to know, following your conclusion as regards having one.

8. I got pregnant from a rape incident

Although, getting pregnant from rape is one of the very rare occasion. When this happens, people would encourage you to “get rid of it” as usual. Even some men of God would advised the same, but don’t you think you might be venturing into tormenting yourself further with such a horrific situation? Wouldn’t it seem like giving your rapist a feeling of justification to further hurt you through the process of having an abortion? Think of it this way. You just went through a rape; a violent act where you were being forced to agree to term with something you never wanted or ready for. Imagine the pain. Don’t you think having an abortion is an extra pain? Would you want to end the life of a harmless baby and deal with the hurt in your conscience for the rest of your life?

7. Abortion is legal, so…

Oh yes. Even though some countries has considered this act an offence, thereby making a law around it. There are still a whole lot of other nations where you make a free choice without any feeling of guilt. But that’s about “law” and “choice”. If you would consider doing drugs, smoking and getting drunk as something which are not right for humans, then it is time you include abortion in that list too.

6. Abortion is safe, and I can bypass the shame of having a baby

First of, there is absolutely NO SHAME in having a baby. Sit alone for a moment and consider the dangers involved around having an abortion. There’s no such thing as safe abortion when you are yet to pass through one. As a reminder, old women who were unable to have children are coming back to sue doctors who had damaged their womb through abortion. So, if there’s one thing to hold on to, you probably would give this a thought.

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