5. My current financial status can not cater for a baby

Good news. There is a way out to every scary situations. In this regard, there are several remedies to curb your fears of funding your child’s upbringing. Modern churches offer assistance to new mothers, so you have one option. Social service agencies offer great assistance in areas of medical, food and general baby care. Now you have a second option. Sounds like a good choice. It’s a win situation, isn’t it?

4. My boyfriend wants me to get rid of it

Except a law is modified or a new one is created, your boyfriend has no right whatsoever to make the decision of aborting a baby. Because you are carrying the baby, he has no power to enforce you to terminate it unless you give him one. Notice, that the threat that comes from boyfriends after your refusal to ending a pregnancy is usually “break up”. If a man threatened to leave you if you don’t abort a pregnancy, would you still want to trust such man for anything?

3. My parents will kill me if they found out

Even when it turns out that your parents are naturally tough on issues like this, it is practically impossible for them to kill you. No parent wants to end the life of their kid. If you mean they will get really upset, that’s understandable. Yes, they really should, because you have just disappointed them. However, they also understand that disappointments are bound to happen. In their journey to adulthood, they have also in one way or the other; violated some basic rules by their parents. Also to be considered is their understanding to the fact that the issue on ground is about their grandchild. Yes, they will get mad, and No, they will not kill you.

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