2. My pregnancy was an accident

First of, getting pregnant is an arranged condition. It involves having sexual intercourse with a man; hopefully, your boyfriend. You don’t get pregnant unless you undergo this process which in most case is intention. That being said, sacrificing 9 months in your entire life to carrying one baby is like a piece of cake.
However, this “accident” is what millions of other women are praying hard to get.

1. He is not even ready for a baby yet

Maybe you should know, that some men are usually and never ready for things like this. Aborting your child would only seem like you have given him a reason to feel justified for neglecting you. If you have your baby, he will definitely come back to take charge and support you in every way possible. But if you are afraid he is just going to leave the relationship after you broke the news of “missing your period”, well that’s not enough reason yet. Truth is, a man who does not fancy your relationship would leave anyway, not because you are pregnant.

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