FOMO Ad Network Review 2018 – Scam or Real?


Honest Fomo Ad Network review: Could this be the best Adsense alternative?


There have been so many debates on the best Adsense alternative for quite a number of years from many top tech industries, but lately, the fuss around town is about the Fomo ad network, where it’s founders claimed to reward twice of what Adsense pays.

However, for the sake of every super parent out there (especially my favourite stay-at-home moms), I have decided to drop my HONEST review of the FOMO Ad Network.

Please be informed: This post contains my personal affiliate links. It simply means I stand to earn some commissions if you register through them at NO COST TO YOU.

FOMO Ad Network: Legit or Scam?

If you have been a regular fan of this page, you would realize this would be my very first review on anything, whatsoever, so I should automatically gain your trust, right? – Maybe not, but let’s see!

For the record, the FOMO Ad Network is legit. Yes, they pay far more than others of their kind. They even pay you for every user who signed up via your referral link.

How sweet is that!

FOMO Ad Network Review in Full

Becoming A Publisher

Unlike other Ad networks, you don’t need to experience any of such rigorous tasks to becoming a Fomo publisher.

You’ll only need to sign up, insert the ad code on your blog and start earning. Below are the procedures for joining the Fomo network with ease.

  • Register on the Fomo Network HERE (You’ll be taken to a new tab)
  • Scroll Down and click on GET STARTED or SIGN-UP
  • Supply all the required information (this takes about 3-5 minutes of your time)
  • Hover your mouse to the Embed Menu, Scroll down and copy and copy your shortcodes

fomo ad network review

  • Paste in the head section of your website and wait for approval

For WordPress users, see image below to know where to insert the code on your website;

  • From WordPress dashboard, Go to Appearance > Editor >
  • Locate Head.php or Index.php
  • Find the line that has the <head>
  • Drop the copied Fomo ad code below the <head> before the closing <head>
  • Check sample image below

how to add fomo adcode on WordPress

For Blogspot users,

  • Log in to your dashboard
  • Click on Theme > Edit HTML

how to add fomo adcode on blogspot

  • Now, Insert your code after the opening <head> as seen in the image below;

add Fomo adcode on blogger

But that’s not all. This review is supposed to be narrowed basically on how to become a Fomo Ad publisher and start earning, but I like to extend to the part where you earn extra income apart from what your site’s view and impression generates.

Just like I stated above about the commision I earn for every signup, being a Publisher with the Fomo Ad Network gives you a chance to do the same. Simply click on the Account Menu from your dashboard, locate “Referral” to find your unique code.

become fomo Ad network publishers

You simply earn $10 for every approved Publisher who signed up through your Fomo Link.

Go here: Fomo Publishers Registration Link

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