foods for healthy teethWe know right foods are important to keep the teeth and enamel strong and healthy in child. In a way, nutrition has a big role to play in keeping dental health intact for kids. It’s therefore important that right and healthy foods are included in their diet so that their oral health is maintained. Without the strength, the teeth can never look beautiful and the smile can’t be as dazzling as needed.

Here are some foods to keep the teeth of your kids healthy and strong:

Essential nutrients

The diet should be rich in essential nutrients. Which means, your child should get a regular supply of vitamins and minerals in the diet so that damage can be kept at bay and the teeth remain as strong as desired. Such nutrients can come only from eating healthy and recommended foods.

Fruits and vegetables

The diet of kids should be laced with fruits and vegetables. Such a diet ensures that the teeth get all the nutrients required to remain healthy. Some fruits will have vitamin C which is very helpful to gums. Some are rich in calcium to give strength and vigour to the teeth. Dentists recommend eating apples for its nutrients and also for its brushing-like benefits.

Dairy products

Your child should get a diet rich of dairy products on a regular basis. Milk, cheese and yogurt should be consumed almost daily for their great nutrient values. They are a rich source of calcium and vitamin D, and both give the teeth health and vigour. More so, dairy products counter the risks of acids produced in the mouth and take away most of harmful bacteria.


It’s important that the diet of your kids have foods that are high in fat content. Such a diet lends the body a good immunity against bacteria and it also cuts down risks of cavities by keeping the enamel strengthened. So, you should include in the diet seeds like sunflower and pumpkin to get the desired level of dental health for your kid.

Crunchy vegetables

Foods requiring more chewing that normal are always considered helpful for the teeth. Such foods work as a cleaner and take out harmful plaque to let your kid maintain the desired dental health. These veggies are easily available and you can include them in the diet to maintain the dental health. Carrots, cabbage and green beans are some of examples of crunchy vegetables that can be included in the diet.

Sugar-free chewing gum

Chewing gums help teeth in more than one way. First, they increase the production of saliva in the mouth and take away bacteria. Secondly, they polish the surface of the teeth and also take out food items stuck in the crevices. In a way, these gums keep the teeth clean. But make sure to have sugar-free chewing gums only to cut down any harm to the teeth.

In overall, healthy foods are important to maintain the dental health of your kids and you should be careful about that.

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