gaps between the rich and poorWhen it comes to taking the most available short-cuts to success; be it illegal or in a deceitful and corny ways, you will always find the poor around. There are lot more reasons why the gaps between the rich and poor will remain wider. I heard some call it destiny; say it’s being arranged by God. I believe that too. It should be known however, that some receive favour from above while some actually work their heads out to compete with those who receive such favours. These gaps between the rich and poor arises and remain when those who fall into the category of the latter refuses to do what I consider being right to compete with the former.

I was opportuned to do my youth service in a local school at the outskirts of a city in Lagos, where I got exposed to some illegal activities by the school teachers to the students they teach. These awkward acts were carried out to help students pass exams, add up scores to make it to the next class and cover up absenteeism by adjusting the class attendance to student’s favour. Promotion of truancy, disobedience and indiscipline was the order of the day. These student being uninformed as they were; would imagine their teachers were being good and kind but to those who understood what the end would be like, definitely would term this “favour” as a disguised way to ruin their future. Meanwhile, they never realize that it is not just about passing exams but also the ability to defend the marks and the qualifications attained when they get to the field where the practical aspect is being required.

Although, I once thought the aim of every teacher was to build a confident child and instil the knowledge pertaining to the subjects and courses they are assigned. I only thought it should bring them joy when they found out years after that a “Sanusi Lamido” or the “Raji Fashola” they taught in school back in the days was that same man in such a higher office in the country. Now it looks as though I was wrong anyway, or maybe things have changed. You probably should agree with the latter.

The gaps between the rich and poor – It all started from the early days. The rich enrol their children to an institution where both morals and values were being thought. An institution where teachers were not given the chance to accept bribe because they knew how severe the consequence would be when they get busted. They don’t want to add up to the student marks to pass their courses because they are afraid the said student would notice and report them to the school management for trying to assist them. Teachers who understand the penalties could attract legal actions and might keep them behind prison bars for a long time. Here, every students get what they worked for.

The average parent enrols their children in schools where they are sure they would graduate without delay; probably with a blind motive of eating the fruit of their labour in time (funny). Schools where solutions to exams were being dictated in examination hall by the same teacher who set the questions.

How about in work places where you probably must have seeing two or more employees hiding under the shadows of godfatherism. Even while their qualifications were being ignored before considering them for employment, they still occupy their offices with little or no knowledge and showing no interest to improve. And as the end always justifies the means, the other individual who knows what he is doing, earn more, get richer and richer.

The other man who lives in a free apartment; one built by his father or uncle, would never realize he is capable of getting his own apartment and living a more privacy life without much of family interference, let alone come to term with his capability that he really could build a house of his own.

Take a moment to compare the products from two different institutions as illustrated above who went for an interview. You realize the student who refuses to take favours from teachers way back was able to defend his credentials. Ultimately, he got the job, got paid and become rich (like his rich parents). The other man lost the job for not being able to pass the interview effectively. Wonder if he expected assistance to pass interview too. The gaps between the rich and poor will remain wide till the poor is ready to take a normal route.

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