Gender Inequality: Why Do Fathers Treat Their Daughters And Sons Differently?

When I was in school, our English teacher gave an example on why female children are not to be treated equally as male, so I am giving all credits back to her.

gender inequalitySpeaking on the financial aspect, Mrs. Oluwaseye of PHS, was of the fact that you need to invest more on female children to better help them stay off being entice through the same avenue.

What she meant actually was that, if you (as a parent) refuse to get the things your daughter needs, boys will take that advantage and go beyond what is expected.

As you may have known before now that pedophiles are real, this is clearly an opportunity for devil advocates to penetrate their evil deed.

However, there is need to explore more on gender inequality and its relation to general parenting.

In as much as the views about gender inequality changes over time with factors such as culture, traditions and beliefs, there is still a consistent approach at which parents generally treats their girl and boy child.

To a large extent, I’d rather say, each child is treated based on their own personality. With boys, parents tend to apply the strong-hand techniques especially in the area of discipline.

For girls, they worry more about providing protective measures. But like I earlier mentioned, the attitude of a child lies greatly on how he or she would be treated.

For instance, a boy who seems to possess the major characters of a girl child is expected to be handled with soft hands while a tomboy should be ‘strong-handled’.

There seems to be a regulated attitude for each gender. In most cases, punishment is being apportioned for a boy child who decided to apply make-up on his face, while a reward is often credited to a girl who might want to try rough physical activities.

Parents are regularly obliged to talk senses into their daughter, and make sure she never engage in any form of activities which may cause any physical injury.

But what happens to their male counterparts? – A warning.
Men are stronger, and everyone seems to want to take advantage of this.

Yes, this is why you see parents engage their boy child in rough plays at home than they would with a female child.

Are we still talking about why parents treat their male and female children differently? There are more reasons why this came into play in our society.

gender inequality 2

Recently, I watched a clip online which further explains why this “preferential treatment” between boys and girls will be staying around for so long.

A guy was seeing abusing his girlfriend in public. Within minutes, mobs formed around him to rescue the victim.

In another scene, a woman was caught in a video, beating up her boyfriend in public. You know what happened next? People gathered to help the young woman beat up her boyfriend! That is where we are today.

Are you aware, that fathers are found to be more receptive to their daughters? Fathers are more likely to respond swiftly to their female child when they showed emotions in their narration and quest to get what they want.

Here is a candid contribution by Kathleen Grace on why Fathers especially treats their daughters and sons differently… According to Kath on Quora;

“To be honest, I never saw a big difference in how any mothers treated boys vs girls, they showed the same concern, the same discipline. With girls they worried a bit more and were a bit more protective where with boys a stronger hand for control was needed”.

“But that can vary depending on the child’s personality – a tomboy girl would get far more disciplinary attention, and a studious or gentle-natured boy would get less.

I really think the difference with any treatment would be dependent on the child’s personality as opposed to s3x. Their behavior dictates more how they are treated”.

Going by her views, Kath further stated that a father’s perspective is different from that of a mother.

“But, with fathers, there’s a big difference.  Girls become sweet little things, nurtured with hugs, kisses, and all kinds of physical contact and sweetness from the father, who sees his little girl as his sweet little thing.

Whereas he’ll treat the boys as more rough and tumble, perhaps showing less emotion and the physicality would be a little less close physical contact like hugs, and appear more as play, or talking, showing them things, teaching”.

But this is about Kathie. Do you think fathers treat their daughter and son differently?

Image credit: FB: Lekan Fatodu

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