helping your child set goalsHelping your child set goals for the future and helping them achieve it is one uncommon task parents often ignore in our present time. The new age parents believe a child can make their own decision once they come of age. A lot of time, they choose not to interfere in the goal setting and development of their child with a narrowed believe that they child knows what he wants to become. Well, It is okay to think that way but No – Even your grown up child require your help to make a permanent decision to set his future goals.

Learning and helping your child set goals is a skill that will help your child do well and make strong decisions in life and in school among his peers. As they attain adulthood, you have helped them have a focus of what their future would be like. Helping them set and nourish their future goals will make things easier as they already know what they are working towards as well as what their destination would be. Now that you are ready in helping your child set goals for his or her future, here are few working ways that will guide you through.

Study their interest

Foremost, you need to discover what your child interests are. Find out what they really enjoy doing especially things that brings them joy whenever they are on it. Sometimes, your child may aim at becoming something that has to do with a future profession; like becoming a Lawyer for instance. You might notice at some point when he starts to hit a gavel-like item on a table when with friend; acting like a judge or a Lawyer. You can then use this opportunity to help review his behaviour in the real world. If he is a trouble maker, you have a task at hand to help him calm whenever he wants to make trouble. The interpretation for this is that, Lawyers are supposed to stay out of troubles like the popular remark of “practices what you preached” – you know. Talk to your child to be friendly and accommodating with people if he wants to hit a real gavel in future and in the real world.

Start early with a weekly or daily goal or target

You can start by making them read a book within one week as you help them set the target on how to meet up. Discus with your child the necessary steps that will help them accomplish the task within the stipulated time. Also state possible hindrances that might want to prevent them from going beyond the deadline and ways to overcome them. Tell them the strategies you used to achieve some certain goals when you were younger and how you felt after achieving those goals. Explain how you were unable to meet up with some, and reasons why you couldn’t. Let them know you knew better now and can help them with solutions if such situation arises in their own journey.

Make their goals special

When they set goals, show your interest by helping them monitor the progress. Remind them from time to time that the deadline is near as each day goes by. Tell them to open up in time whenever they experience any roadblocks. You can help by ticking the deadline on the house calendar and display them where they can be easily seen. Don’t forget to always compliment them on each successful progress they made.

Helping your child set goals for the future comes with lots of benefit to help them develop skills on their own in future. You save yourself from attending to some minor needs which they were supposed to be able to handle on their own. Setting this goals early is another point that will help them work towards what they already knew they will become and this makes things easy for them.

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