how to assist a pregnant wifeThe only time to prove being a better husband to your wife is during pregnancy, which all women wish the father of their unborn child would stand with them. The strategies on how to assist a pregnant wife are easy to practice by a man who is ready to become a loving husband to his wife. It is of no use to start elaborating how tough a pregnancy can be, neither do I need to narrate the ordeal which comes with carrying a human inside of you for nine month. A real father would be there to make her woman happy and comfortable; he must be available to attend to some tasks which a woman might not be able to handle efficiently during pregnancy. This is a way of making sure the baby comes out healthy and without much stress to undergo during delivery by your woman. As a reminder, why would a doctor advise a woman to take things gently during this critical period? why would they recommend lots of rest for a pregnant woman if this is not necessary? Apparently, Doctors are indirectly referring husbands to take charge of some duties at home on behalf of their wives.

Over the years, I have watched with keen interest how some expectant daddies become lazier than the woman carrying the baby. But what exactly are the suggestions on how to assist a pregnant wife? In some part of Africa, assisting your wife with some daily house chores might be regarded as something “abominable”. This arises as a result of the belief that women are supposed to handle some aspect of duties in the home. This might be understandable (to an extent), but how about rendering a helping hand to a pregnant wife – A woman you put into that condition!

At a point, I tried to assume the act was not intentional. I had said to myself, “only if they knew how to assist a pregnant wife, they sure would”. I may be wrong though. Some men are terribly and naturally lazy. For such men, I believe putting a list of things they could do to assist their pregnant wife, or ways to offer a helping hand to the woman they got pregnant might be of greater help. For such men once again, below strategies worked for me. The only way you would fail these easy step by step guide on how to assist a pregnant wife is if you are not a man.

How To Assist A Pregnant Wife

Below are some wonderful tips on how to assist a pregnant wife; ideally made for busy daddies who are looking for tips to step up their fatherly role in their family.

Respond Manly to the news of your wife’s pregnancy

It is Ok if you aren’t prepared for a child now – I understand (winks). But it would be unwise to breakdown when she tells you about it. Act maturely and be exited with a face full of laughter and joy. Let her know you will be there from that day and throughout the pregnancy period. Like a friend of mine would cheerfully say to his wife, ”you are not pregnant. Actually, we are pregnant”. Be careful. The message you want to pass to your wife is one which reveals your readiness for the challenges faced within the trying nine months of the pregnancy.

Accompany her to places

Some women feel very shy during pregnancy; especially from the sixth month of their pregnancy when everyone could see the protruding belly. They feel inconvenient; thinking what those people looking might be thinking about them right now. This thought may disappear when she realize you are right beside her. Don’t get too busy with work. Accompany her to see the doctor and be there with her to hear the current condition of your unborn child. This gives her strength and you soon will notice the unhidden joy through her face.

Reduce her duties

Like any doctors would advise a woman to REST during pregnancy. If you are naughty like me, you would think, “yeah and fine, who will wash the clothes, do the dishes and cook our food?”. But that is the naughty part of me. Just immediately, I get to have a rethink, “well, it is just for nine months”. The idea is to reduce her from stress anyway. This way, you are protecting her child; your child from danger. Afterall, this is when to prove being a REAL man to the whole world!

Also, help her get some sleep. Normally, a pregnant woman should sleep on their side instead of the back. I never heard of a pregnant woman sleeping on her tommy though; i.e, sleeping and resting on their stomach. In whichever case, the recommended position being the “side sleep” requires you to get her a full body pillow to support her back. This makes her side-sleeping habit a little more comfortable.

Remind her she is still beautiful

Help her understand that deep within you, she is still beautiful with your baby kicking inside of her. Some men are fond of neglecting their wife as they appear differently with pregnancy. Some say they don’t appear sexy any more. Maybe I need someone to tell me what the “sexy” thing really means in time of pregnancy. As a man, you are tasked with the aim of reminding her how beautiful she looks even with that protruding belly.

Her morning sickness might want to piss you off

About 60% of pregnant women experience morning sickness of different kinds. From headache to vomiting and to general body weakness. The best way to be of help here is to research new working ways to ease the pain of your baby mama. Stick to any strategy that worked and always be available to support her during this time. Below are few working remedies that worked for us when my wife was carrying our first child.

  • Protein & Carbohydrates. While trying to combat nausea, carbs and protein consumption were found to be very useful. Encourage her to consume wheat and a couple of apple to keep her active.
  • Ginger. Ginger are generally known as a lasting result for stomach uneasiness. Get her drinks which are enriched with ginger like this one.
  • Call your doctor. Make sure you place a call to your doctor whenever you feel confused on what to do especially during emergency.

Listen to her

Although, this should not be limited to when your wife is pregnant. However, it is required to be very important to listen to your wife during her pregnancy period. Little things that shouldn’t have caused her any worries would make her shed tears like a little toddler during this time. So, don’t be a tough guy like you used to be during your bachelor days. Pet her to talk about her worries and listen attentively so you can proffer solutions to them. Let her be sure you are always there to share her worries and fears with. She might also want to share some exciting moments like when/how the baby kicks. Make her feel you love to hear about that too by showing some excitements about it.

Pamper her like a baby

Even if this is your first experience with a pregnant woman, you must have seeing how those big-belly neighbours of yours put on some childish act during pregnancy. During this period, you need to pamper her like a child. She would feel so tired and dizzy almost all the time. She definitely want you to rub her back and tommy once in a while as well. A very tender bath for her is also a very good idea. All these amounts to helping her feel loved during such period when she had to handle so much pains.

Now, over to you guys on how to assist a pregnant wife. How do you plan to be supportive to your wife during pregnancy? And to the women, how do you think your husband could assist you when you are pregnant?

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