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When it comes to doing things that brings continuous joy to the mind, happy people knows their way around how to be happy and stay this way everyday. We certainly do have a good reason to always want to be happy always, and we hope the world understands too.

Happiness is attached to most of life’s benefits which includes boost in self-esteem, confidence, stronger immune system and even responsible to be the brain behind creativity.

Happiness is rated higher than other life’s personal wishes like getting rich, breaking a record and other similar cases. The reasons can not be far-fetched. Happiness goes beyond a short time pleasure you derived from a positive outcome of something purchased. Being happy also goes beyond the refreshed feelings and joy that comes with winning a lottery, getting married or getting a new job. It involves real peace of mind, satisfaction and contentment which its greatest deal lies within our control as an individual.

It is worthy of note to point that 40% of our happiness is determined by the choices we make, the habits we form and the decisions we finalised. There are some choices and decisions we make which demotes our feelings of happiness over time. These negative decisions goes beyond our set targets on previous set point on whatever happiness scale we choose to follow.

In this note also, it is crucial that we avoid as much as possible these choices and habits. But how? What are these habits to avoid in other to stay happy always?

How To Be Happy Everyday: 40 Working Tips

Below are some common and everyday habits to avoid in order to be a happier person.

1. Dwelling in past memories

Allowing past memories to hurt you keep you trapped in guilt, sadness and depression. Be careful, not to allow past happenings into your present life and affairs. You should keep in mind that when such memories are brought into present, the effect in the mind comes into play as though they were current. Keep your mind focus on the present and a bit into the future.

2. Remain stagnant; motionless

Workout the body and mind improves refreshment, self-esteem and strength. These two, goes a long way to providing the mind with happiness. Regular exercise contributes largely to good health; being the top contributor to happiness.

3. Remain isolated

Happiness can not be derived from staying alone or in isolation. Happy people never stays alone, rather, they celebrate each moment with their friends, family and colleagues. Isolation results into depression, loneliness. This is why happy people maintain regular interaction with people.

4. Making negativity a priority

Let us be realistic for a moment. No matter how happy or healthy you are, some situations will always come up in life to sadden our heart. But after a time of grief, happy people don’t always soil themselves deeper in depression, but rather dust up and continue to focus on the positivity of what the future holds. Happy people consciously move past old negative situations, believing that whatever happens in the past remains in the past.

5. Incur and remain in debt

Almost everything in life requires money. The struggle towards competing and meeting up with peers, generates the hunger to pursue money to any cause. This may also lead to getting oneself in debt while trying to feel among. However, it is difficult to be happy when you owe a lot of money. Happy people stays out of debt as much as they can by living within their means and income.

6. Material things supersedes experiences

Categorically, any material thing will give a short glimpse of happiness – it fades away within a very short period of time. Experience, however, provides a richer stage of satisfaction which stays in the mind for a long period of time.

7. Hold grudges against people

It is normal to get angry and frustrated with people around who has wronged us in any way, but staying angry and holding grudges against them is like preventing oneself from feeling happiness. As we continually dwell in anger that seem to have attached itself to us, we allow no room for a happy feeling.

8. Choose to be ungrateful

Another top habit to forming the feelings of happiness is showing gratitude for all that we have achieved right now. Happy people cleanse their mind by appreciating what they have as “enough”.

9. Depends on others to make them happy

We often believe happiness lies in making others behave the way we want them to, or through making them say certain things and meeting all our pending needs. Sustained happiness can not come from other people, but from YOU.

10. Stop learning ..stop growing

When we stop making ourselves available to learning new things, we head directly to stagnation. We self-paralysed ourselves because the other man who knows better holds a lower degree, in a lower position and a subordinate. When we stop expanding through self growth and new discoveries, we remain stuck in the status quo, which eventually leads to depression.

11. Avoid helping others

Serving and helping friends, colleagues and family members open huge door of happiness to flow into our lives. It boosts our self-esteem and feeling of connection when we rise to offer a helping hand to another individual needing our attention. The moment you avoid assisting others, you deny yourself a free and happy mind.

12. Stay unattractive and overweight

To remain unattractive drops down your worth, confidence and self-esteem. Staying out of shape makes you look unattractive and unlovable. This ofcos, is also bad for your health, which is the primary determinant of a happy soul.

13. Get confused about life

When you allow your life to drop out of balance, sufferness suffices as the important parts of who you truly are and the things you hold in high esteem are not getting proper attention they deserve. Not being confused means letting your work, thoughts and actions work in harmony. This would make you feel mentally and emotionally stable to start with.

14. Gossip

You are hurting both others and yourself when you talk ill about someone else. Gossiping is a very bad habit which demeans your worth. Happy people are confident and so, does not need to gossip about anyone and anything.

15. Concentration on physical flaws

Somehow, we all have an imperfect face, leg, body or skin. Happy people strive to improve the way they appear. They choose what they want to look like physically, and work toward its achievement within a very shot time and let go thereafter. If your focus is targeted on physical flaws, you will have no time to engage in things that builds a happy mind.

16. Always indoor

When the only time you had to spend outside is from your house to the office and back home, then you are limiting yourself to experiencing real refreshment. Happy people explore around, because they found their happiness by being among other beautiful people.

17. Let failure or mistakes get at them

Every expert and professionals has a story to tell about having failed severally before getting it right. Mistakes are bound to happen; so is failure. These are necessary part of life that keeps us stronger. It’s just normal to feel bad about failure, but happy people don’t let it keep them down.

18. Judge others unfairly

You can never be happy for judging other people harshly. Being judgemental of others make you feel angry, superior and brings out negative thoughts and feelings. These however, are not part of the attributes attached to being happy.

19. Admits negative beliefs

Happy people don’t accept limitations to things they are capable of doing. They refuse to buy the idea of not being able to achieve certain things because of their status, ability or strength. Happy people are able to re-write these negative stories of limitation about them, and come to love what they have become right now.

20. Live fake life

It’s extremely difficult to be happy when you are living beyond the reality of whom you truly are. You can’t really be happy if you keep living your life to please neighbours, friends and family members. Happy people don’t try to be someone else. They live to represent whom they truly are.

21. Have no plan for stress management

Life itself is busy. We all get entangled into one task or the other to sustain livelihood. Sometimes, we get addicted to this way of life and forgot there is need to take sometime to cool off. To be happy requires some level of rest. Happy people are able to manage stress incurred during their everyday activities.

22. Avoid regular medical check-ups

When you allow daily activities to get you busy that you forget to visit the doctor, you are directly harming your health and subsequently exposing yourself to great risk. Happy people are conversant of their current health status.

23. Letting work overshadow relationships

The most terrible regrets of the man on a sick bed would always be having the opportunity to stay strong on his feet again, so he can spend all his time with the people he care about. When you allow work to supersede spending time with your family and love ones, you are denying yourself the happiness that lies in spending time with them.

24. Hardly smile

I may not be able to speak much about the military personnel, as they are being trained to look tough in the face at most of their time. But when you refuse to allow a smile to flow in, the happiness chemicals in your system passes a signal to your brain that you are unhappy. Just a physical act of smiling even when you don’t have much to smile about, will make a difference to your life.

25. Have no time for fun

Happiness revolves around how much fun you are able to get over time. People who are truly happy observe some times for themselves to catch as much fun as needed.

26. Create no time for their spouse/partner

Generally, people who are happy in their marriage are the happiest people. You have those who cares about your happiness around you always. Creating time for those who are close to your heart ignites the happiness in you the more.

27. Careless about apologising

Until you build the courage to say “I’m sorry” to the offended individual, your mind will remain unrest. Happy people are quick to apologise to every wrong thing done. This helps cleanse the mind from worries and ill thoughts.

28. Allow people cross their boundaries

Giving people the chance to take advantage of your gentle personality eventually shrinks your self-worth. Happy people face the reality of things they can tolerate, and immediately sound a note of warning to whoever dare cross the line. Tolerating these offences makes you feel unsettled.

29. Never pursue their passion

Living a more fulfilled life requires finding your passion and nourishing your calling. The key to great happiness lies in knowing you are doing what makes you feel good naturally and without having to put much stress into it.

30. Afraid to take risks

Fear of the unknown hinders people to often take risks, couple with feelings of being disappointed. Meanwhile, happy people grow the confidence to face challenges from their hideout, with a positive mindset of breaking yokes to attain success.

31. Allow problems to remain unsettled

Issues that are yet to be fully resolved would always stay at the peak of your mind, torment you, until a lasting solution is provided. Leaving problems unresolved creates discomfort, negative feelings and anxiety.

32. Always complaining

Frequent complaining is a sign of dissatisfaction with life. If it is not done by you, then it can never be right. There are people who complain virtually about everything done by other people. This is an inner turmoil that must be destroyed.

33. Surrounds themselves with negative oriented people

There are categories of people who believes there are limitations to what they can achieve in life. These people never picture themselves achieving great things. When you continually associate yourself with backward thinking individuals, you allow them to steal your joy and peace of mind.

34. Inability to maintain savings

Periodically, life presents us with surprise. We must be prepared to face every given opportunities and challenges life presents us. We need money to arrest such prompt situations and opportunity, hence, the importance of savings, which must be maintained.

35. Over-consumption of foods, alcohol etc.

Moderation is simply a fair decision which its outcome is supposed to be understandable. Besides the fact that over consumption of foods, drugs and drinks prevents you from thinking straight and fully utilising your potentials, it also harm your health if not quickly regulated.

36. Allow true friendships swift away

Our everyday activities mandates us to move and lose touch, but the happiest people in the world are able to maintain connections with their true friends. To stay happy, you must be surrounded by friends who thinks alike.

37. Remain in a miserable job

Almost half of our day is spent on the jobs we do to sustain our livelihood. Sometimes, these jobs requires more than half. Life has so many wonderful opportunities to offer, than staying in a job which denies us daily enjoyment.

38. Afraid to seek support

The richest man in the world might never achieve that much success without the help of friends and subordinates. These helps, mostly were requested before being provided. When you refuse to seek support when one is required, you delay success and possible chances of feeling the happiness that comes thereafter.

39. Afraid of saying the truth

Stating the true picture of things as they appear gives our mind a edge over being hunted. Happy people feel safe expressing themselves freely in a fair and healthy manner. Not having the courage to say the truth kills our confidence.

40. Keeps big secrets and lies

This is self explanatory. People who keep secrets remain unhappy until they grab the courage to speak up. It is possible you are afraid to share your secrets with families and friends because you are unsure what their reactions could be. This is why we have clergies and counsellors who stands the best positions to help you proceed. An open mind with clear conscience is the number one spot where happiness resides.

Over to you.. What do you need in your life that requires changes in order to accommodate more spaces for peace of mind? Which of the above 40 habits do you consider a stopper in your life? Kindly share your opinion while using the comment section below.

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