how to build confidenceThe overall benefit of building self confidence lies on the ability to face numerous life challenges. When you are able to face awkward moments in your life boldly, generating a solution becomes easy. While humility is a necessary virtue, it is important to build your inner confidence to be able to face the realities of several challenges that stare directly to your face.

As you encourage others to do same, here are ways to build self-esteem within a very short time and bring out the best in yourself.

How To Build Confidence In One Day

1. Never limit yourself to anything

Aim for the moon. Even if you missed the shot, you will still land among the stars.

Every effort you make towards achieving a specific goal is recorded and never goes in vain. Stay positive at all time and believe you can succeed in what you engage yourself in. After all, not getting the expected result is never a reason to discourage you to always try again. The good news even, is that you have explored yourself to learning new things, and can always take up the challenge where you stopped the last time. No matter how long, always have it in mind that you can do it – you can.

2. Allow criticism and learn from it

Instead of feeling depressed when being criticized, take it as a challenge and learn from it. Since you cannot have everybody to accept and come to term with you, it is crucial to examine their opinion and learn from it. The other man sees the world differently; far beyond or below others. This is why people’s perspective must be different. As one who is building his self-esteem, you don’t allow their criticisms to lower your efforts. Again, people can be tricky, and a times funny. Close friends may decide to appreciate everything you do because they are “your friend”. Sometimes, the real truth about your progress lies with a third party.

3. Be fully prepared

Learn all that is needed to know in your field and be ready to stand firm to it. You can only tell the world you have an in-depth knowledge of a particular aspect of life, if you really know it. When you take the time to learn everything surrounding a subject matter, it boosts confidence on its own.

4. Appear nicely at all time

The first trigger to boosting your self-confidence is your look, and this should be taken with more seriousness. How you appear in the mirror before you step out of the house tells alot about how you will be accepted throughout the day. When you dress and appear nicely, it commands respect which builds up the confidence in you. When you feel comfortable and presentable, the urge to face the world’s greatest challenge comes naturally.

5. Show kindness

Appreciate the people in your life and show them great kindness. When you get to a position where you can offer assistance, be generous enough to assist people.  This way, people will appreciate you the more and you will feel great about yourself especially when around people.

Having learnt all these, building confidence is paramount to daring to take a risk. Taking bold steps to face difficult situation with a strong and positive mindset to defeat whatever comes your way.


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  1. Interesting, thanks for posting this because it’ll go a long way in solving problems of low self esteem/confidence.

    Having a low self esteem makes you feel bad alot. Anyway i appreciate your posts here.

    I encourage you to keep posting more of this.

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