5 Habits To Get Your Husband To Listen To You

how to communicate with husbandTrying to understand how to communicate with husband more effective may get you confused over time because men are naturally stubborn! They are too firm and not so easy to deal with. Men are originally tough, and getting them to corporate is a dream that will never come through.


Getting to know how to communicate with husband effectively or learning how to make husband listen to you may sound dribbling to an extent, as facts reveals that somehow, men in this part of the world still believes they have overall domination of decision making in the family.

However, a common complaint among nowadays women is one which has to do with husbands not listening to them. Women suddenly realized their opinions don’t really count in the home. How then do we address this menace to make men feel women deserves to be given the opportunity to make decisions and implement it once in a while – at least?

Though women often blame the men. Could it be that the ladies are partly to blame for the communication breakdown; yes?… no?

Actually, men and women simply communicate differently because their brains are wired differently. But then, there are steps that women can take to improve communication with the men in their lives, if they are willing.

How To Communicate With Husband Effectively

Below are the surest tips to get your husband to listen to you.

1. Adapting to your husband communication style

Normally, a woman’s brain is wired to be relational. This is why it is much easier for them to adapt their communication styles to different kinds of audiences.

Adapting to the communication style your husband understands better is just another way of fulfilling women’s God-given roles as helpers to their spouse. The good news here is how it tends to transform into a much happier marriage.

2. Understand the difference between your husband and your female friends

Another part of the problem you fail to realize is that which differentiates they way you communicate to your friends and your husband. You would be creating a serious conflict if you expect your husband to understand the styles of communication you use for your female friends, sisters and relative. Most of the time, you should realize your tone here might sounds authoritative. This, you would agree is one thing most men detest.

3. Beating about the bush is never a deal

Reasons are mostly traced to fear of appearing being too demanding or real whenever you communicate, and your escape route turned out to be “beating around the bush”. It works perfectly when you have to talk to your female friends and coworkers, but not with men.

If you say to your husband, ”I had a very tough day at work today and I’m not sure what we will have tonight for dinner because I’m just too tired.”

Possible response you will get might look like, “Sorry dear, I suggest you prepare rice. That is less stressful you know.”

Meanwhile, you were trying to make him understand that you don’t have the strength to make family dinner. Now, he’s gotten it all wrong and you only have to endure the outcome.

A better option would have being a simple request if your husband could help out with the meal tonight, or if the family could enjoy a dinner out.

You need to help him get out of confusion as regards trying to figure what you really mean. Men generally do so well with a direct approach. They will give you a straight answer of either yes or no.

4. Nagging gets you nothing

Nagging your husband constantly to do things you desire will only produce nothing. Bugging him repeatedly makes him feel like a child. It’s like insisting he MUST do whatever it is you are asking him to do. If he doesn’t, you had planned to frustrate him till he succumbs. It may seem easy at getting your husband to do things you want but most likely, the man will harbor resentment against his wife. If you have to remind him to do something for you; something you probably have requested earlier. It works best to ask as if it is the first time.

You don’t say, “How long does it takes to help me fill the waters in the fridge?”

There’s more effectiveness in your speech when you state it like you are telling him for the first time, even though it’s your third request. A humble reminder works great too.

“Dear, did you remember to fill the waters?”

5. Respect; the key to a Man’s heart

“Just like being loved and cherished is the lifeblood for a woman, respect is the lifeblood for a man,” Grigsby says.

“I think women struggle with this because they feel like their husbands need to earn this respect.”

Fostering good communication with your husband, and the key to warming his hearts; which in turn gets him to want to listen to you over again is respect.

When you accord your husband the respect he crave for, it opens their heart to be more receptive when you talk.

All these goes a long way in activating their “Mumu button” without having to render them a “house help” as you may have thought. You husband would want to be attentive whenever you talk if all the above tips are well implemented. The power to effective communication with your husband at home lies in your ability to understand that his reasoning style is quite different from yours.

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