Being among the living is a great privilege but there are certain things that makes life hard at times. Certain things make life tiring to live in such a way that our happiness are not felt no matter how hard and how much we try making ourselves happy.

how to feel joyful everyday

The good news however is that, the below 12 methods would instantly switch your mood to become the happiest person in the world, so you can feel joy right now and every other day.

Logout of social media for a while

Did you know that the social media sites you love the most might be a huge contributor to lack of joy in your life? Fake lives are being circulated on Facebook on a daily basis, and can make you think you’ve been forgotten by your Creator. In this days of photo filters and polish, you would wonder why your friends are having such a glowing skin and yours looking questionable. Never fall for those borrowed cars and daily money-making updates – no one has a 100% perfect life. Log off for some days and invite a happier version of you to your existence.

Be grateful for at least ONE THING

I understand that this might be the last thing you would want to do when you are not in the best mood you craved to be. To think of things you’re grateful for when nothing seems right is hard to come up with but IF FOR ONE THING, it’s enough to be happy for being alive. Gratitude isn’t just for sharing testimonies and thanksgiving – it’s about knowing that you are far above a lot of your kind.

Call someone you love

If you have friends living far away whom you’ve seeing for a very long time, place a call to them and feel the excitement in their voices. This would power up your inner happiness. There is a joy you feel from within whenever you realized you just made someone happy. How about your parents? They certainly would be glad to hear you talk to them through the phone. When you end the call, you would realize a switch in mood – happier than you were before.

Spend some time relaxing alone

Enjoy the peace of being alone in your room, your car or even in the bath. Sometimes, the absence of happiness in your life could be traced to lack of creating enough free time for yourself without knowing.

Contribute positively to someone else

Check out the needy during your free time and get to know what they lack specifically. You can easily forget those worries that kept you sad if you concentrate on making someone else happy. Go out today – donate clothes or food. One other thing I like doing is to leave a gift in public anonymously in areas where I feel those items might be needed. You can do the same. You can also share motivational messages (like this article) with friends who might be going through some tough time at the moment. Whichever way comes through your mind to make the other person feel happy, go ahead and feel your joy right now!

Listen to the music you love

No doubt – there are inspirational music that is capable of cheering you up. You might have one or two of such which would be needed during this time to feel happy. Step on the play button on your stereo and play your most lovely music. You can find a huge collection of inspirational music online.

Sweat it out in the gym

There are lot of cardio sessions that gives you a relief mind when observed. Especially if you are dreaming of a favourite body or shape, get on the treadmill, do some reps of dumbbell lifting and some reasonable amount of push-ups. When the body is refreshed and happy, the mind becomes more open to feeling joyful at all time.

Stroll – Take a walk

Never neglect how nature can play a big part of mood swing. Take a walk; preferably to an entirely different atmosphere where you can feel nature play its role. Spending some times out to feel a different environment might just be what you need right now to feel happier than you used to.

Tidy up your environment

Is it just me? When I’m done with the laundry, washing the dishes and doing all other home chores, I feel refreshed and happy. A clean environment is capable of increasing your happiness. You don’t necessarily have to go overboard trying to clean the whole house and become exhausted – No. Think about a particular area in your house you feel might need some cleaning. A good example is that part you’ve neglected for so long. When you finally accomplish the task of having a clean environment, you will feel happy immediately.

Watch your favourite movies and feel joyful right now

Interesting movies can spark up your day, giving you a relaxed mind. Pick up one of your favourite movies which you are sure could bring you great joy and a happy mind. Invite friends to watch with you or you can watch alone if you are so convenient with being alone.

Do your favourite hobby

My niece would always insist that his favourite hobby remains ‘eating’. That was funny but if you are not like my niece, practicing your favourite hobby can give you a lasting joy all day long. If you remember a hobby has gave you joy before, try it again. Chances are, they will bring you joy over again.

Consider a vacation

Plan a vacation and experience a total switch of environment. If you can afford a long vacation, start a plan to bring that into reality. If you can’t due to several challenges like time and money, (like you may be thinking right now) a short break would do. It entails feeling an entirely different environment for days rather than taking a walk to somewhere different for hours. This brightens up your heart to think of other uniquely different ideas that can bring you joy everyday.

Life is never a bed of roses they say, but there are often neglected little thing that can be done to lift our spirit and stay joyful everyday. When you are happy, you can think right and make good plans for yourself and others to benefit from. So, go ahead and give this article a HUGE SHARE to your friends. They might need to know how to feel joyful too.

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