how to forgive yourselfDoes it matters knowing how to forgive yourself when everything seem not to be working your ways? Would you rather live your life full of regrets for making mistakes, or tighten your belt and face those tough challenge that circumstances turned against you? How long would you continuously hurt yourself, thinking things would have turned out differently, if only you had worked a little harder, followed a different approach or tried a little bit more.

And the self-blame game continues…

But you know yourself better, don’t you? Everything is supposed to be working the way you’d planned, isn’t it? But there has been a slight change quite different from your expectations lately and you think you couldn’t help it – You know you ain’t supposed to be where you are right now!

How To Forgive Yourself

You cannot be more wrong, you know. It is never your fault that you are where you are today. Neither is it your fault that things never turned out the way you’d expected. What’s more important is to always remind yourself that you put in your best no matter what. Learn how to forgive yourself in times like this. Sometimes, life gets tough that I sometimes consider quitting too, but these 6 tips below has help me move on with life, and I hope you find it useful too.

1. Nothing last forever – This too will pass

Sometimes, the best way to get over difficult times is to imagine they will also pass – just like in the past. Imagine every situation as if they were below what you have faced and conquered in the past. Like they always say that every ‘dark’ cloud has a silver lining. Somehow, you’d realise it is all over already before you open your eyes.

2. You don’t want to hurt the people who love you

Your friends look up to you. Your family members don’t like being hurt by the things you go through. They all see how hard you work to attain success and they are happy having you around. Never be afraid to ask for assistance – These people are closer to you and readily available to offer a helping hand whenever you need one.

3. You are stronger everyday

Discover how strong you are by taking risks and getting yourself out of your comfort zone.  Most reasons people refused taking risk is basically because they never want to get hurt. You should keep in mind that whatever does not kill you makes you stronger even. Gather the numerous motivations from friends and turn them into will power – the sky becomes a starting point thereafter. Utilise every failed attempt to prove your capability, even if you have to do this to impress yourself.

4. You are doing the best you can towards positivism

You own your body, and in the best position to tell how tired you are because you have worked so hard. Being hard on yourself because of your failure is natural but you also need to think about the achievement you’ve made in the past. You shouldn’t allow these failures to over-weigh your achievements, because you know you have done your best. Life is hard and it is normal to face challenges. You are STRONG because you are still here right now.

5. Take a break – That’s OK

Don’t feel guilty for not taking a break. It’s OK to observe a rest in a day to cool down the mind. The human system request for a spa by knocking one down with slight dizziness or loss of strength – You don’t have to wait till this time. Don’t come blaming yourself again for not taking some time off for leisure when this tiredness comes.

6. Fact – you can’t change your past

Let’s face the fact – The past is gone and you cannot change it. The earlier you put the past behind and learn how to forgive yourself during those times, the better. The only way to correct the past is to be careful of similar occurrence. This fact however, is a reminder to help you move forward. Allow your pasts to stay behind and be open to learn from them. Focus on the present and strive to make the most out of it. I get hurt but still respect the importance of learning from mistakesteying learning from mistakes.

So, about blaming yourself, note that you achieved all you can from putting the much you can towards such result. You can’t have it all. It is also fair enough to remind yourself that no one expects you to. So, about the little you find difficult to overcome; birthed the necessity to continuosly learn how to forgive yourself.

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