7 Instant Strategies To Get Your Kids To Love School

help child love school

help child love school

As the Salah break’s curtain is about to be dragged down, smart kids know what’s coming right after. The evil word; SCHOOL!

However, it is crucial to ensure that you get them to embrace the feelings of waking up in the morning, getting dressed up for school and getting along in class like a dream come through.

What plans do you have to turning the weird school feelings to something your child enjoys doing without any coercive measure introduced? This is a big question every parent wants to get answers for.

Getting your child to love school starts with you and/or your Nanny. The thing is, going to school on Mondays to Friday should not be attached to any bit of fear, panic, hatred or headache for your child.

Whether it is their first time or they’ve completed series of classes already, you too can help your child enjoy attending classes and overcoming the fear of going to school on weekdays.

So, let’s dig right in on the 10 simple ways to make school an enjoyable thing for your child.

Become a role model to your child

As a reminder, you are meant to be the most favourite teacher and mentor for your child. Also, if you are having a nanny, her role is quite important in the life of your child too.

If you form the habit of reading a book in the presence of your child, you are laying an example, showing that education is a continuous process. This is one important ways to instil a positive learning attitude for your child.

Help your child maintain respect

Whenever you talk about their teachers, maintain respect. This way, your child can respect and obey them in class.

Flash back to when you were young. For instance, you probably had some teachers you like, as well as those you would have loved to fly out from the window when they come in for lectures.

But no matter how much hatred you have for the other ones, there is this inner part of you that was thought never to disrespect them. This is the way to go. This is the same value you want to help your child build.

Help them see beyond attending classes

Going to school should never be limited to the classroom activities alone. Other school fun and after-class activities like sports and plays should be communicated to your child.

Encourage your kid to look beyond their interest after the everyday classes. This will give them the urge to pursue those interested activities after the school time.

Minimize activities

As important as encouraging your child to look beyond after-school activities, so it is to keep them to a minimum level.

Don’t allow your child get too overwhelm with these activities. Understandably, every child needs a downtime. But too many distractions might leave them ignoring the most important life activities.

Get your child to help you understand what they derive positively from each after-school activities, so as to better know which one to cut off.

Plan a homework routine

Parents are encouraged to set up a part of the house where the kids can conveniently handle their homework. These are the parts of the home with less or no distraction.

Usually, we all grew up to believe that homeworks should be done in a quiet room, neatly flourished, maybe with a well equipped air-condion, but the truth is that many kids of nowadays do better on scattered environments.

Some kids do their homeworks better on the floor, kitchen, or amidst other friends . Help your child decide on the best spot suitable for them. The important parts is to ensure there is a good surface for writing, a good light and less noise distractions.

Help them choose friends

Rather than your friends making loads of friends to trash dulling moments, encourage and help them to select meaningful relationships instead.

Better making quality friends who will make positive academically-wise changes than some bunch of noise makers.

Contribute your interest

Start by asking what their favourite subject in class is, and what actually interest them in it. Ask about their homeworks, the time they like to reserve for it and if they needed any help in such regards.

Be super active in your child’s academic affairs. Go along with the latest happenings and activities in the school environments.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to help your child build his self esteem to be able get a positive result in the cause of applying the above strategies.

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