7 Simple Things Smart Women Do To Keep Their Marriages Strong

how to keep a marriage strong

how to keep a marriage strong 2While we all desire a blissfully and healthy lives, how to keep a marriage strong remains a mystery, as the said topics is being treated by different people with different views. It is not enough to regard marriage as enjoyable when couples don’t fight or have differences alone, but happy marriage is more about the things couples do to keep the love alive and for a long time.

Do you ever wonder, why couples who spent more time together, talk more often, and keep tracks of each other, have less to worry about when it comes to collapse of marriage? This is because the foundation they have built over the years is being watered like a seed every day. The investments they have made to maintain such a perfect relationship is being envied by everyone like a germinated beautiful seed. Apparently, everyone likes to pay to have it.

But, instead of paying to get it, you should learn it. Things we work hard to earn often last longer than those bought with wealth.  This way, you can cherish and maintain what you learnt even more. Let me take you through some simple processes often embarked upon by couples to keep their marriage healthy and stronger.

How To Keep A Marriage Strong – Women Tips

1. Appreciate every little thing he do

Instead of telling him he is a great husband, give him a reason. Say, “you are a great husband because you help me stay strong during tough times and this is why I love you”. Be more specific. Give him a reason to stay on track with the things you love. He can only be sure through your appreciation, and that would give the impression that you like what he did. Tell him something positive every moment; on phone and when you see him.

2. Seduce your husband

While women are attracted to what they hear, men are attracted to the things they see. The male species like variety. If you continue to appear old to your husband at home, you will push him to Delilah! Preys are everywhere, and I trust you wouldn’t like to lose your husband’s attention to them. If you don’t seduce your husband, another mistress will. And if he is the type that falls easily to temptations, the end result won’t favour you in any way. Use the dress to please technique by Perrie Samotin to improve your look at home.

3. Be part of his plans

Show interest by asking about what how he intends to make his next or ongoing task a success. Your little contribution would be felt and remembered, as being a motivation to achieving his plans at the end of the day. There is always someone he like to discuss his plans with. Someone who shows interest in what he has to say and contribute immensely to having it actualized.

4. Don’t fix time for s3x

It is not advisable to wait until he gets in the mood and ask for it. Obviously, it’s a non-denying fact that you; as a woman grow the mood once in a while too, and there should be no stopping you to make the first advance. A man is emotionally stable when he is sexually satisfied, and for the sake of keeping your home strong, you want to take this part seriously.

5. Be supportive to your husband

If I have to agree with many on the husband being the one to provide for the family, it definitely would be to a certain level. If he can buy you the things you love, what stops you from doing the same with your money? A wife becomes a helper the moment she get married to the man she choose to be with. Being a helper means you have to be supportive. While being supportive goes beyond doing the laundries. Surround your husband with the greatest support you can ever offer, and that includes the financial areas too.

6. Be attractive

You have to be unpredictable in marriage atimes. Appear differently to your husband and pay attention to what he likes to see you in. As a woman, you should have at least two types of night wears for instance, where one would be retained to be seeing by your husband alone while you are in it. Your attractive look will always buy him to accepting you, especially whenever you come close to give that unexpected kiss. Men love it!

7. Workout and retain your shape

Lots of women tend to lose their shapes after child-birth, and provisions have being made to retain that. Exercises are the best bet to keep you young and in shape. Below are simple and safe exercises you can try at home.

  • Reduce belly fat with pelvic tilts
  • For strength and flexibility, try Yoga
  • Get Exercise ball for tummy and waist


These are simple guides to follow on how to keep a marriage strong and healthy. Basically, these are also the things your man want from you, but rarely ask for. As human have the mentality of expecting you to do the things they believe you should know, put these tips into practice.

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