how to ruin your kid lifeI love my kids, so do you. I am doing every possible things required to ensure they get the best in life and succeed. If you have the same dream as mine, then you have got to read on. You see, kids are easily adapted to path you show them, as well as those things you make them believe. Often time, it takes so much to get the first impression out of them. This is why you should focus a little bit more on your dealings, especially in the areas of stuffs you allow them access to.

Quite a number of times, you approve your child access to things “you think” he might be needing when they turned out to be things you should never bring close to them. You also prevented them to the actual things they needed because you believe they are not necessary.

In order not to bite your fingers in regrets how your child turned out to be in the future, I have shared below 10 ways on how to ruin your kid life knowingly or unknowingly.

1. When you give your child everything he wants. Once you think of anything he wants, get it for him. Don’t deny any of his request either.

2. Because you like to use the things in vogue, make same decision for your child too. Get her expensive clothes and make her understand that her inner appearance does not even matter. What people want to see is what she is wearing.

3. We understand that a child’s need must always be met. Needs like food, shelter, clothing and even discipline. In this case, we are talking about WANT. Give your child full attention at the expense of your spouses’ happiness. When she cries, run and attend to her. When in the middle of a serious conversation and she interrupts, ignore the talk and attend to her.

4. Forget about your plans for the day regarding her upkeep. Give your child every moment of fun in the world. If she grew love for a particular movie, allow her watch it for a thousand and ten times and smile off the achievement.

5. Since there is a serious complications about a child’s want and need, make your meal for the day revolves around his desire. You had plans to make Bean Pudding for dinner but he wants Noodles. That’s fine. Swallow your Bean Pudding plans and get the Noodles on fire straight up.

6. He is going to need a lot of modern devices to meet up his activities and desires, as he is not the type that mingles with other children. You apply for a loan to get all he desired as long as he is happy. You sure can deal with the hunger when your creditors show up.

7. Do not discipline your child when you should. Make people believe he is just a kid and wouldn’t have done what they are about to discipline him for.

8. Make no attempt to talk him into understanding that fighting with other children is bad. Take sides when other parents come to complain about your child’s behaviour. After all, Bash Ali, Mike Tyson and the likes of John Cena started from the bottom too.

9. Don’t wake her up in the morning to do the chores at home because she is still very young. The home activities are too much for a “certain year old child” and you should handle them yourself. When they grow up a bit more, they will start learning to do them.

10. Don’t visit her school to confirm her performance and relationship with the teachers. Don’t show up at any PTA meeting because issues relating to your child’s troublesome attitude is about to be discussed. Report any teacher who wants to take any disciplinary action against your child to the school authority. Let’s see if they would be sanctioned.

11. Let him choose his own faith as he grows. Let him decide on his own if following the principles in any of the Holy Books is ideal to guide his path. Don’t share your faith with him because you want him to be independent.

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