how to think with your heart

How To Think With Your Heart

1. You always engage in rigorous task that leads to positive results. You know you are doing the right thing but something keeps telling you there must be easy, tricky and easy route to manipulate and get same result. You can’t live with the thought of cheating, and can’t have yourself living with guilt all of your life.

2. I know how you feel about being rejected. Everybody else has being there..somehow. All you can realize is how much you miss the people you love after a break up. You wish they never have to leave or never give them a reason to. While your head keeps hitting you about the breakup being a good thing, your heart horrors in pain to wish turning back the hands of time.

3. Maybe it is wrong to care for others than yourself, but this is who you really are. Though you think with your heart, but doesn’t mean you were worried about your own heart – but others’. You want to bring to people around joy even when this results in personal pains.

4. Most time, you can’t explain why you are drawn to certain people around you. Could it be love? Do you just want to help? Crushing on someone is normal and difficult to explain. Are you happy? Honour those coming from your heart.

5. You are very emotional. People rarely break sad news around you because they knew you ain’t just going to shake your head in silence and move on. Your heart breaks to every single bad news you hear and you mostly cry your heart out in pity.

6. How do you feel about the idea of love? You suck at romance though willing to learn. I understand. You love chocolates but others feel you need to step up your games. You don’t even think about what people say because you are happy doing it.

7. You are free of being hurt by regrets. You are happy your ex was once into your life even though he cheated and you have to call it quit. You are glad you make friends with him not minding how much you were hurt in the past. You refused to give chances to complaints tarnishing your happy memories.

8. Countless individuals are going around with your secrets because you are too trusting. You make a new friend today and reveal all your secrets to him. You don’t have the grace to hold on to friends for too long, so they leave. How unsettling to realize you have your secrets with someone you ain’t even talking to.

9. Signs matters a lot to you. Feelings that your ex is expecting a call from you; telling them how much you miss being with them. Feelings that something good or bad is going to happen.

10. You couldn’t leave with the memories of your ex, so you gave a second chance. When they ask for forgiveness, you are willing to welcome them back even when they do not deserve it because you are toxic.

11. You believe in taking prompt decisions without thinking through possible repercussions. When you feel there’s happiness with someone, you don’t think twice before going closer to get it. You have a strong and positive faith in everything you do, having it in mind they all going to end up well.

12. Your thoughts and opinions to issues are always different. Sometimes, you don’t have a logical explanation for feeling the way you feel but somehow, you feel you are usually right.

13. People say you are unpredictable. You can’t keep your excitements inside whenever you feel happy. When you are sad, you have absolutely no power to stop the tears from flowing.

You know what? You are very normal as you have already learnt how to think with your heart.

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