5 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids: Easy Indoor Games & Ideas

Indoor activities for kids

Kids love having fun all the time. They are hard to keep quiet for long and on any given opportunity, they swing into action. Parents often feel worried as the restlessness of their child can cause some harm.

That’s why, they explore for indoor activities to keep the kids busy and let them have fun in a safe and secure environment.

There is no dearth of indoor activities for kids, and the best part, they can be enjoyed irrespective of the weather outside.

Be it rainy season, summer or winter; especially in a well ventilated environment with good pest removal measures in place. Kids can feel engaged with these activities and have a gala time for sure.

This is what most parents want, and perhaps, kids too want such activities that keep them hooked for hours. No doubt, these are perfect indoor activities for preschoolers too to enjoy at the comfort of their home.

Here are some popular indoor activities for kids


Window Painting

Kids love window painting. They love playing with colours and brushes to create a rainbow of own imagination. They feel good about spaying the brushes all over the window panes to showcase their talent to their parents. So, you should let them engage in window painting activity and have some great fun.


Collage Book

Kids love animals and birds a lot. Not all kids are gifted to draw animals. For some, collage books are the best way to showcase their talent and pursue their animal-love hobby to the core. Parents should give some glue, some paper and magazine cuts out, and let their kid engage in fashioning out collage book.


Treasure hunt game

You can keep the kids busy by making them play their favourite treasure hunt game. In this, you need to hide something (let’s say an apple) and ask the kid to find them. You have to keep clues in the form of written-words on a paper and let your kids find the treasure. You can reward the winner and this game will surely be a great fun for kids.


Indoor basketball

You can hang the basket on any wall in any corner of the house and have a lightweight plastic ball of big shape and size (resembling basketball). Now, you can ask the kids to take aim from a distance. Whoever puts more balls in can be the winner. This game will surely keep the kids engaged and hooked for hours.


Story writing

If you see a writer in your kid, or if you want to test the creative limit of your ward, then you must put them to story writing.

You can call in the neighbourhood kids as well as ask them to pen some beautiful story. You can help them along and this way, a good time is had by all.


Trampoline park

Nothing could beat the charms of trampoline parks when it comes to giving indoor activities for your kids. Such a place is like a paradise for your kid. Once here, they go on jumping, bouncing, flying, flipping, falling, and doing all what you did not allow them at home.

In overall, you can try some of these activities and indoor games for kids and keep them happy and safe at the same time for sure.

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