A lady has cried out over both alleged physical and spiritual threats received from the other seven baby mamas of her lover.

The embattled lady narrated how she had two kids with the wealthy man whose other baby mamas refuse to welcome her into the picture because of being the man’s favorite.


The man who was once wealthy is relegated to poverty amidst spiritual attacks from other baby mamas as the lady is left in dilemma on whether to stay or dump him.

Here is the full gist…

“I got married to a man who has 7baby mamas. He’s 38years old. I’m 25. We have two kids together. We truly love each other. Since I got to know him, he has never cheated on me.

He really changed because of me and said he will never make me cry. I have never regretted marrying him. The only problem we are having is problems from his baby mamas.

They are not happy with me. I believe they teamed up to frustrate the marriage. They are diabolical too. They turned the man from a wealthy man to a poor man he is today. As poor as church rat.

I’m the one feeding him but I still love him. A lot of things has happened that I can’t start mentioning. He woke up one day and became blind. He has tried apologizing to them and they claim they have forgiven. He did not leave them empty handed.

He built houses for all of them and gave each 2million to start a business. Bought a good car for each of them. Before he became broke, he sent money always for children upkeep.

I love him and I want the best for him. I want him to have his life back. Should I leave the marriage? He’s begging me not to leave him. That I’m d only one he got. His parents and siblings are in support of our marriage. They are begging me not to leave.

The baby mamas are threatening me with every opportunity they have. Telling us that they suffering has not started. That they will go to any length to make sure they dealt with us. Please house, advice me.”

Credit: @couplestherapies

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