leg pain in pregnancy 1It can be said that even the young and experienced men and they know that women can have leg pain in pregnancy. A woman can indeed begin to hurt the feet. Yes, and would have! Imagine carry literally with each passing day more and growing belly, and by the end of the term at all can become just yet exhausting. And besides, the center of gravity itself, or rather the axis of pregnancy a few moves that also can complement and enhance average load on the legs.

As we all understand to endure this feeling, of course, it is quite difficult and not very nice. However, despite this, often women themselves are entirely unjustified to ignore such obsessive pain. As a rule, so it may be because the women themselves believe that all pregnant women should go through this, and there is simply no other way, and cannot be. However, doctors have an entirely different point of view – it is not quite a right approach because it is too intense and haunting pain felt in the feet, it can cause quite a severe disease.

For whatever reason, pregnant women experience pain in the legs?

Answers to banality is simple:

  • Firstly, the weight of the woman increases almost continuously and sometimes quite significantly.
  • Secondly, with the slightly shifted center of gravity, and thereby dramatically increases, the load on the entire spine, and the lower limbs or legs.
  • Thirdly, throbbing pain and swelling in the legs as well as a rule, they can be caused by excessive accumulation or retention of the body fluid of the woman.
  • Also, and ingrown toenails during pregnancy also may well deliver real trouble and discomfort. But more often it may occur simply because of the close not too high quality, or even just uncomfortable shoes, which for some reason are future mothers.
  • This painful condition in his legs as seizures may occur directly because of the high pressure and volume of blood in the legs. Sometimes seizures occur because of too high levels in the blood of the pregnancy hormone progesterone, which clearly can be observed during pregnancy. Also, the appearance of seizures in the same characteristic and acute shortage of calcium, magnesium or iron in the body of a pregnant woman. This usually happens at such disease blood like anemia, and sometimes even in the excessive consumption of caffeine-containing foods or beverages. Usually, cramps legs driving it at night. In particular, pregnant women suffer from this it is women in late pregnancy.
  • And lastly constant and aching pain in the legs, perceived especially after prolonged standing too long or even walking, it can also be connected with vascular disease as varicose veins.

Much to our regret are varicose veins can often become unpleasant and intrusive companion pregnancy. And even in those cases, if you have never suffered from such problems, after you become pregnant, you will automatically get into the risk of this disease. And because of all pregnant women and their unborn child at this stage of the overall circulatory system, such as the varicose disease can also lead to a lack of oxygen enrichment or fetal nutrition.

Understand, because it is the blood of your unborn child should receive all of the most important of his life substance and the elements. So with confidence, it will be possible to assert that there is a direct correlation between how early you will take all necessary measures to eliminate oxygen starvation crumbs, and how well the two of you will feel. But know this disease as varicose veins during pregnancy is not difficult. So for varicose legs ache almost constantly and profoundly hurt (especially such feelings appear after prolonged standing or walking long). Also in the legs may feel burning, tingling, itching and even, and sometimes fatigue, heaviness in the legs. Often seen and evening or morning swelling of legs and many vascular meshes on them. Sometimes a woman may worry and many night cramps calf muscles.

How to be able to prevent or at least some relief from leg pain in pregnancy?

  • You can try to drink plenty of water as much as possible. Remember, swelling dramatically increase when your body is firmly dehydrated.
  • Try to minimize the amount of salt you eat; it is necessary to free the water removed from the body without stopping it for a minute.
  • Try to eat a balanced and properly chosen diet, which of course is mandatory, such foods would need to be incorporated, which contain the maximum amount of protein (this is obviously beans, cheese, as well as fish and meat).
  • Always try to keep track of your weight. The addition of the pregnancy too much pressure, which apparently is not recommended by doctors, can substantially increase the swelling in the legs.
  • Also, you can try to do to avoid too prolonged standing or walking in the overall stay on his feet. And if suddenly you still on duty will have to stand for long, be sure to try to have a rest, every minute, when it will only be possible. And during the holiday’s better sit down or even lie down and picking up a few feet up. And in those cases when the legs swell severely, try to raise them all as often as possible.
  • Try never to cross your legs at the time when you are sitting; you should not put it on his feet.
  • Also be very careful to be treated and even to minor physical exertion and stretch marks.
  • Try to sleep is on your left side. Since the lower hollow Vienna always transports the biggest since the required amount of blood in a woman’s body, is to the right. And thus freeing up the right side, the pressure on this particular vein may drop significantly, and severe pain in the legs that occur during pregnancy can be easily avoided.
  • Try to wear socks, do not pinch too much of your ankles and feet in general.
  • Besides actually prevent some of the problems with the vessels of the legs can help and especially for this by tights, stockings, as well as socks and even bandages. Usually, they are made from a unique medical and compression hosiery.
  • Without fail your shoes or boots should be as convenient as possible and, of course, not too high heels. Naturally, your insole shoe shoes and should be as qualitative.
  • Be sure to learn as much as possible to walk properly. You will need to develop just such a posture in which all the weight is distributed perfectly evenly on both feet. The very same spine will always have to be perfectly straight and, of course, the most unloaded. And just try not to do too much to bend your waist and it is desirable not to recline the entire upper part of the body as do many pregnant women. Although it should be noted that normally it is like to make any pregnant woman at the late stages of pregnancy, when her stomach is virtually prohibitive. And, of course, be sure to start exercising more in advance, when the tummy is not too noticeable – because that’s when you will have all the chances to avoid any problems with varicose veins. Try as much as possible to learn the correct posture, it is also possible, using the regular walk with a little book in his head.
  • It is not necessary, among other things, to lose cases like say barefoot along the river or sea sand, and possibly on the morning dew nature has created everything to help a pregnant woman, so use it.
  • If your feet are too tired in the evening, just take a tray, typing in her water at room temperature and then put yourself in the foot a unique cooling gel. You can also safely and quickly to massage them.
  • In cases where the woman also has a sharp discomfort or pain in the feet, and you can safely try the following simple procedure. In any pretty big bowl, or even in the bath, pour a little bit of cold water. And then just stand there and try to cross alternately from one leg to the other leg. It will be possible as well, instead of this procedure, just throw your ankles and calves, even the coldest but still a comfortable water temperature directly from the tap. Then it will be good to wipe his feet dry with a terry towel tight.
  • There, among other things also a special medicated creams or ointments, aimed directly at the preventive measures and treatment of diseases such as varicose veins. And since virtually all the funds made to produce by the many great horse chestnuts extract, their frequent use as the doctors say is completely harmless.
  • We cannot say that the usual relaxing massages and different therapeutic exercise also can prevent stagnation of blood in the vessels, which accordingly can reduce the likelihood of sharp pain in the legs during pregnancy. Also extremely useful are regular classes and swimming again in specially for pregnant Group.
  • Also, it is desirable to eliminate finding in the sun too long altogether. And even more than that is not specifically sunbathing – because it is UV radiation drastically weakens the walls of the veins which later contribute to the emergence of such diseases as varicose veins during pregnancy.
  • ASIC of reception of baths during pregnancy would be better to replace a cold shower – this procedure can perfectly enhance all the walls of the veins, which naturally can significantly reduce your pain in the legs.



Jenny Jolly has over five years of experience in the field of Health. She specializes in setting up Global health consultancy. She is an expert in the area of developing strategies for health. She provides thought leadership and pursues strategies for engagements with the senior executives on Innovation in health and Technology She presently works for “morning sickness” as The Head of the health consultancy.

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