make nigerian salad

You can make Nigerian Salad more spicy by following our step by step easy procedures. The Nigerian kind of Salad is one which its preparation may be hard to compare with those of other Nations, because of its uniqueness.

The reason is simple. Making Nigerian Salad can be taken as a meal on its own, or/and may be had as an extra dish along with other Nigerian dishes; especially various Nigerian Rice recipes.

Ingredients needed to make Nigerian Salad

The various ingredients stated below are the basic necessities to be considered as crucial, towards getting an exotic taste of the Nigerian Salad. Here, the quantities or measurements could be altered and adjusted, but the same taste must be ascertained.

  • Cucumber – (2 medium or small size)
  • Eggs – (3)
  • Lettuce – 1 medium bunch
    415g baked beans in tomato sauce (1 tin)
  • Sweet corn – 200g
  • Carrots – small or medium (4)
  • Plum tomatoes – (5 PCs of tomato Jos)
  • Irish Potatoes – (4)
  • Salad Dressing – Use Mayonnaise or Heinz Salad Cream. Another perfect alternative is the Heinz Caesar Salad Cream which works best when it comes to making Nigerian Salad.

Furthermore, below are things that must be readily available and in place before the preparation of Nigerian Salad.

  • All vegetables must be washed.
  • Select your Irish potatoes and eggs in one pot and boil. (To avoid wasting time, we recommend that these items should be cooked together, probably in same pot since they both require same amount of time to get done.
  • Cut your lettuce in thin slices
  • Scrape the carrots with a grater
  • Cut the boiled potatoes into moderate cubes after peeling off its cover
  • Peel your cucumber, remove the seeds and cut. Peel the cucumber in stripes if you like your salad looking green.
  • Remove all seeds from your plum tomatoes (Jos tomatoes) and cut them into small pieces.
  • Remove shells from the eggs, slice and set them aside. (You can use an egg slicer for a perfect job)
  • All cut vegetables should be placed in a separate container.
  • Open the sweet corn. Drain the preservation water off. Step the seeds aside after rinsing. Set it all aside along with your tin baked beans.

Preparing Nigerian Salad

  • Start putting the ingredients into a big salad bowl in small batches until they are exhausted.
  • Place the sliced eggs on the salad and cover.
  • Place in the fridge for one hour at least. (this allows the ingredients combined to mix well).

How to serve Nigerian Salad

You can serve with any Salad dressing from the above recommended. Aside dressing with Mayonnaise, any of the other two works perfect for your Salad dressing.

The Nigerian Salad is best served within 24hours of its preparation if no Salad dressing is included.

Nigerian Salad can be served alone. It can also be served along with other Nigerian dishes like Jollof Rice, Coconut Rice, Fried Rice and other Nigerian rice dishes.

Other tips to note

You can substitute the lettuce with cabbage if you prefer your Nigerian Salad crunchy. You can also use the two since lettuce adds the green colour to your Salad.

Depending on individual flavour, you can also add more ingredients like boiled macaroni, green peas, corned beef etc, to make your Nigerian Salad spicy.

If a baby cucumber is to be used, you need not remove the seeds.

If you are lucky to buy a baby cucumber, it may not be necessary to remove the seeds.

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