how to make your child love reading

Over time, the need for children to cultivate the habit and art of reading on a regular basis has being a main concern to most parents, or at least, parents who consider the progress of their children to be important.

Arguably, there are numerous ways to brighten up a child’s world, but the love of book reading is best of all with no comparison. Aside blowing a child’s world magically, the love of reading has also been proven to be capable of increasing children’s intelligence.

It is a natural routine for every child to want to play, sleep, watch cartoons, talk uncontrollably, or even do nothing during their free time. However, parents who are determined to nourish intelligent children would consider “these routine” as void, instead, they encourage them to embrace the habit of reading.

Simply making children fall in love with reading comes with many derivable benefits. The willingness to embrace reading as hobby by little children amidst numerous day-to-day activities engaged into by them, may not come easy as expected. This is understandable, and here is why some amount of coercion into accepting this reality may need to be forcefully applied by parents.

It is recommended for parents to start their child early when they are still around ages of three. This age has proven to be a period when their brain is still fresh, and when they are able to pronounce three-lettered words, like bat, cat etc.

Below are methods at which parents can instill the love of reading in children:

Read aloud to them

One good way to make your child love reading is to read to them on a consistent basis. Be it during their free time or on bed at night. It is worthy to note that consistency matters in this case. You should start with what you feel your child loves to hear, like interesting story books. You should also consider reading with love, commitment while adding a tip of funny gestures to make reading interesting. Do ensure you make them read a line or two also.

Expose them to alternatives

Feel free to introduce other materials like magazines which tends to have more pictorial contents. This boosts a child’s confidence and as well encourage them to read on their own as time goes by. Children could easily feel bored when a book doesn’t interest them from the beginning. You may also consider playing them audio books as they could find it interesting. You can download some here.

Introduce books that have visuals and bold fonts

Children are easily attracted to bold pictures, books with large fonts and cartoons. To make your child love reading, you should provide them with such books that got their attention through a simple glance. Books with great visuals and pictures tend to attract children, thus help them form the habit of reading. Also, whatever books they have to read should have large fonts. Anything different could stray their eyes and this could discourage them from reading. It is also helpful if such books leave them with open-ended questions, such that they might need to consult their parents or older persons for answer, noting that reading could boost a child’s IQ.

Notice the kinds of book that interest them and buy more

Having expose the children to varieties of books, parents are advised to notice the types of books a child develop interest in. Whichever one pops up from your findings, it is advisable to get them more of such. As times goes on, make your child pick up a book on his own for reading. This would give you a clue on what kind of books they love to read.

Provide an atmosphere for reading comfortably

Since children pay more attention to lighting environment, it is advisable for parents to provide adequate and comfortable environment for them to read. In this regards, children can feel more relaxed while reading. Once they realise this gives them comfort and relaxes their mind, they embrace the idea of going to same environment to read without coercion.

Make them understand why they should read

The need to make children realize the importance of reading is necessary so they won’t see it as a means of punishment. This makes them develop cold negative attitudes towards reading or they may read with grudges. So, for parents to help a child grow the habit of reading, it is important to let him know why he must read a book and embrace the idea of reading generally.

Never use reading as punishment

In the verge of making children love reading through every possible and available means, it has been established that using reading as punishment can be counterproductive as it tends to reduce their love for it. It should be noted that reading is not only for learning, but a privilege and children should be taught to appreciate reading.

Let them see you read

A well known fact has is, that children replicate and learn majorly from the things they see. Parents are therefore advised to always ensure their children see them reading. This, according to experts, assures the children that they are not alone in this. If possible, parents are advised to organise a reading time where everybody can read together and rub minds.

Reward them with gifts when they reach reading targets

Rewarding children with gifts when they meet reading targets is another strategy to help them cultivate the habit of reading. For instance, you can promise to allow your child watch cartoons if they do their homework. Promise a reward and watch the effect it has on how it would make your child love reading.

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