12 Ugly Ways To Know You’ve Been Micro-Cheating On Your Partner

micro-cheating habit


micro-cheating habitIs it your first time knowing about the term ‘micro-cheating‘ like I was few days ago? I used to think I have known virtually enough slangs and other vulgar terms until I saw an article in this regard too.

Now, somehow, if you are yet to read up till the last paragraph of this article, then I think I am a bit above you. So, permit me to brag, YES!

What specifically is micro-cheating?

Have I done it? Is it bad? is this another issue to stress about concerning in my life? And what kind of person will I become if I finally realised I have been in the web already?

Okay, below is what I found;

Micro-cheating is arguably more like emotional cheating — you aren’t physically cheating, rather, you’re swimming in an exceedingly big area of thinking of someone (who isn’t your partner).

Somehow, you realised you are interested in someone else whom you know you can never be with. According to me, you’re automatically a micro-cheater.

Altering names on phone book in deception

Oh, you’ve met a replacement crush and need a lot of freedom to get along with the person, therefore you altered their name in your phone so your real partner won’t suspect any foul play around. Again, that may be termed micro-cheater move.

Contacting your ex secretly

Whatever may have transpired between you and your ex is designed to be forgotten. So, contacting them for any reasons can best be described as trying to impress them back into your life.

Not disclosing your whereabouts

Lying about your whereabouts has suddenly become a favourite part of you, and as a result of this, you give false information to your better half (even though you ain’t physically cheating) — you simply may not comprehend it, you are definitely a micro-cheater.

If you ask me, micro-cheating are some things we’ve all done at one point in our lives or the other. Perhaps, not together with our relatives or love ones.

Checking out a profile repeatedly

You have to admit at this junction that you can’t view specific profiles on social media repeatedly if you don’t have a shady thought or feelings about them. Permit me to categorically term you a micro-cheater.

Trying to get attention seductively

You’ve in all probability micro-cheated. It’s traditional and natural to feel interested in somebody but your partner, and generally we have a tendency to do things like walk past their table at work many times over and over or fantasise about them.

You must also admit that if you have ever had a horny thought or feelings to someone who is never your partner, you are a big part of the micro cheaters who deserve a better award and commendation than the Super Eagles. Yes, they got a free hand-shake from my president!

False relationship status display on social media

This part is funny, and even my landlady is guilty. Your profile can not be displaying being single after having two boys and 1 girl, and expect me to believe you are clear form this web. Yes, lying about your relationship status on social media and beyond is micro-cheating.

Deep-flirting with someone else

Some folks measures fine with their partner doing a bit harmless flirting; I’ve met men and ladies who don’t really get jealous if they see their partner searching for somebody else (sorry, I am not one of those).

Maintaining an online dating profile

This does not only portray your partner being so unfaithful to you, but also might get you embarrassed if someone who knows you eventually got to see your partner on these platforms.

You got moved admiring someone you not dating

If you are a man, and you suddenly noticed some movements between your thighs, after looking at a lady’s seductive pictures on Facebook, then you are a micro-cheater. This part is real, and most dudes are 100% guilty.

However, if you notice you’re partaking within the mini-form of unfaithfulness and you’re creating excuses for your behaviour, before you recognise it, you’ll be treading deeper and deeper into tempting waters while not knowing what came to visit you.

Emotional and physical cheating is damaging to your partner’s trust and may be prejudicial to your relationship as a whole, therefore it’s vital to draw a strong limit and check your behaviour if you’re attempting to draw in the eye of another.

Contacting your ex

I don’t know why this is coming again on the list, but I think it’s more important to stress the fact that being friends with your ex is one thing, while maintaining a contact with them for a long time without the consent of your partner is another. I was trying to see if the two could be balanced but I realised I could not. Call a spade a spade, you’ve being a micro-cheater.

Imagining yourself with someone you shouldn’t be with

Micro-cheating as it is could be a sensible issue that needs proper attention, care and understanding. It makes you sit back and examine things you never wanted to become a reality because of the damages they might caused. Second part of you pinching you to work out a way to make it come through without your partner knowing.

Relationships will be very difficult to navigate, particularly if you aren’t on identical page concerning what you may or not want in your life. Being clear concerning your expectations will cause you to feel vulnerable, however, that your partner noticed these moves and didn’t strike an attacking query doesn’t mean all is well with them.

Furthermore, if your partner acts defensive on these problems, it would be a symbol there’s an even bigger downside in your relationship that has to be self-addressed.

This may not be a sordid emotional affair; you’ll not be unavowed around having fantastic xes within the closet throughout your lunch break, however micro-cheating happens pretty usually in relationships and generally becomes the entrance to one thing larger.

You wish to be with someone else

Meanwhile, these shouldn’t be about just men. You sometimes wish you were in the arms of that hefty cute-looking man who got hooked to your best friend. We both know there is no better way to go about it but to imagine. Unfortunately, you are a cheater. A micro one.

As a take home, if you are guilty of checking other women or men out; liking and wishing they are having the same thoughts as your about them, then you’ve just demonstrated a micro-cheater habit.

Now, raise your hand up in the comments below if you ain’t guilty of any, and I will send you a surprising gift.

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