moimoi recipeHave you tried the Nigerian moimoi recipe at home? An amazing meal which goes along with ogi (pap) and bread. It can also be taken without these two or any other. If you are yet to try this recipe, you simply need to include it in your list of tasty Nigerian meal to try; hopefully soon.

Moimoi is made up of beans and some ingredients that gives it a special taste. With beans being the main item involved, it entails soaking, just like you would in the case of preparing a jollof beans. The little add up is when you have to ground the peeled beans after being soaked for a short while.

Moimoi Recipe – All required ingredients

  • Beans
  • Oil
  • Crayfish/dried fish (grounded)
  • Seasoning
  • Salt

Another thing to put in mind is that, the Nigerian moimoi recipe requires the use of containers, plastic or foil (nylon), depending on your choice. What these strange items tend to serve in getting your moimoi done would be explained below as you read on.

Also, as an add up ingredients to making your moimoi “super rich”, here are other items you might consider adding:

  • Beef
  • Egg
  • Nutmeg

How to prepare the Nigerian moimoi

After you have soaked your beans for 3-4 hours, wash and peel the brown coat off. Change the water if necessary and continue washing till you are able to peel the coats off completely. The step is necessary so it won’t give your moimoi a bad taste. Next is to ground your completely peeled beans.

Moimoi is one meal where you have everything set ready before cooking. Once you start cooking, you can only check to know if it is done or not. No adding of any ingredients required. Here is how:

Step 1

Put a small amount of water in a pot and cook. The quantity of water depends on the kind of container you like to use. Cover your water and move to the 2nd step.

Step 2

Turn your grounded beans in a big bowl and add ALL the ingredients. The vegetable oil, dried pepper, crayfish, seasoning and salt. Stir them together. If you are using egg, you need to first boil them, peel the coats and have them cut into small pieces. Set them aside in another small separate bowl.

Step 3

Pour some amount of your mixed beans in a container and add few pieces of egg. Place the container in the water.

Repeat the above process of adding your mixed beans in another container till there is no more to add. Then cover the pot.

This stage, all you need to do is watch, since you have already added all that is needed. You can be sure your meal is ready by dipping a metal (knife) in one of the containers. If your knife is stained with the mixture, then you need to wait for a while. Your knife must come out freely with little or no stain to show it is done and ready to be served.

The Nigerian moimoi is best served cold for maximum enjoyment.

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