10 Most Annoying Things About Kids

annoying things about kids

annoying things about kidsIf you can imagine how life would be without the presence of children and are able to convey the outcome of whatever feeling you get from it, then you’ve got a unique ‘something’ to develop. Meanwhile, anything can be unique, depending on its specific definition and special terms.

I understand many parenting blogs have told you about things to prepare for before embarking on the journey of parenthood, but I must remind you that certain things will happen unexpectedly on this amazing journey. Don’t be scared – This is just for your information.

Children are unpredictable – Below are some very annoying things about kids, which I believe you would relate to;

Children are always there

In the shower, kids are always there. When trimming the garden flowers, when taking a nap, they are there if you look around. Not to forget how they clutch your clothing as you prepare dinner for the family, and how they accompany you to do the laundry. In the middle of the night, you don’t get surprised to see your kid sitting and staring at you straight in the eyes like some kind of monitoring spirits. When you have kids, it is simply advisable that you forget whatever definition you have for ‘privacy’ because they are already missing in the dictionary.

They are always asking questions

There is no stopping when we have to remember the irrelevant questions little children ask. They want to know why their mom has something swollen on their chest and why they don’t have it. When you explain to them that grandma wouldn’t be around to receive them during their next holiday, they want to know why. When you eventually tell them she would be attending to very important duties in another city during the holiday period, and they would still want to know why. This is one among the thousand annoying things about kids. Kids want to know virtually everything; why you are taller than them, why they don’t have a white skin like their friends in school. These questions never stop coming all over again because these kids are never going to be satisfied with your explanations.

They never stopped talking

Another amazing but very annoying things about kids are when they won’t stop taking. They are never bothered about their poor communication level and they don’t even seem to care. This is practically annoying as you don’t know how to blend in. You only realized you’ve been blowing some amount of balderdash along with them just so they won’t feel neglected. Annoying!

They are loud

This is not new as every child wants to scream, screech and wail for no just reason. Sometimes, it is when you tell them to stop that they prove to be uncontrollable. That’s how stupid kids can be a times.

They are always pulling your legs with pranks

A child will tell you she wants to do something; like go outside the house to play, just to get you to open the door. When you are done opening and expecting her to zoom out, she laughs and tells you she wants to sleep.

They are the kings and queens of dirtiness

Whether it is grass, sand oil from food or dust, children are always covered in them. This equally means you are covered with same too, as well as the wall, rug, furniture items and other appliances which are not safe.

Children are inconsistent in nature

Kids are pretty annoying! Today, they want rice, tomorrow they don’t like rice. They want to wear their blue shirt to church on Sunday, but when Sunday comes, they don’t want the blue shirt. They like chocolates, they hate chocolates. They want to go to school; they don’t want to go to school. Don’t fight it, because whatever you do, you are not perfect.

They are like an everyday drunkard

Imagine how children stumble around the house. They knock everything down in the living room as long as they are fall-able. For no reason at all, they take their shirts off in the middle of a crowd. They hit the furnitures hard in the middle of the night in a rhythm-like manner to keep you awake.

There are a lot more annoying things about kids that when you think about them, you can’t seem to figure out how you made it out alive. I will happily watch my kids do several naughty behaviour and keep my cook, knowing fully these are things only little children are capable of doing. They are simply adorable – annoying or not, it is still one of the reasons you want to consider before having a child.


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One thought on “10 Most Annoying Things About Kids

  1. Children are still new to this world that’s the reason they ask an unending question. They are curious, enthusiast, see risk as a game.

    Even though, they are annoying, it brings joy to the parent because their kid is lively.

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