My Husband is Never A Pedophile – TV Host; Morayo Cries As She Apologises To Husband


Following the recent bashing on Morayo Afolabi-Brown of TVC morning show – Your View’s, after making a statement during the Wednesday show which did not sit well with the viewers; especially men.

tv presenter morayo apologizes to husband

The statement which appears to portray her husband as a pedophile as since been condemned by the public on social media. According to Morayo, she said that even though she trusts her husband so much, she will never take chances allowing him to bath their daughter.

However, not only was Morayo’s view unacceptable to majority of the viewers, they in return took the battle to the ‘war-front’ via social media with many castigating her for holding such a view.

To allay their anger and correct the misconceptions, Morayo took to her Instagram page to explain her stand clearer through a video clip (watch below).

She started by saying she wanted to make a clarity on an issue trending about her show and went on to correct people’s notion of her faithlessness in her husband.

Speaking further on the issue, Morayo who was speaking during a television programme, “Your View” on TVC, had said that her decision was as a result of her fear on the rapid increase of s*xual assaults on little girls which in some cases is being carried out by their fathers.

The media personality was trailed with mixed reactions and criticisms from social media users who bashed her for belittling her husband on live TV, and painting him to be a prospective pedophile.

Others also reminded her that her daughter was her husband’s child too so he should be allowed to care for her, while some told her that if she wouldn’t let her husband bathe their daughter, then she shouldn’t be allowed to bathe their son.

In a video she posted on her Instagram, she addressed her critics, saying: “My husband is not a pedophile, he’s a highly responsible, decent man. He can never do anything to hurt any of his children.”

She disclosed that her statement isn’t about her husband specifically but about those women whose husbands abuse their daughters yet they bury their heads in the sand because they do not want to be associated with the stigma.

Morayo added that children need to be taught boundaries and how to demand that their bodies and personal spaces be respected.

“Psychology has told us to teach children to respect their personal spaces and ensure that family members don’t come too close. We need to define what is too close as a child.

“So, I’m glad the conversation has started, I’m glad we’re talking about it. Let us understand that these are real life issues that are happening.”

Morayo shared the video with a caption that further served to give clarity to her point.

“I will normally not do this but I feel I should respond. It’s painful that people think I would in anyway suggest that my husband is a “potential abuser”. Sad. The truth is that the show allows us to state varied views which should be respected and understood.

So, understand this, there are women who have used their life to vouch that their husbands would never abuse their daughters yet we see it happen. Let’s make it easy for those women to speak up. Let’s make it easy for girls to speak up about their abusers, even if it’s their father!.”

Video below;

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